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22-Jun-2015Magnetic Flux Leakage Method: Large-Scale ApproximationPimenova, A. V.; Goldobin, D. S.; Levesley, J.; Ivantsov, A. O.; Elkington, P.; Bacciarelli, M.Journal Article
27-Aug-2015Three Waves of Chemical DynamicsGorban, A. N.; Yablonsky, G. S.Journal Article
2-Apr-2015A Generalist Predator Regulating Spread of a Wildlife Disease: Exploring Two Infection Transmission ScenariosSen, M.; Banerjee, M.; Morozov, A.Journal Article
22-Jun-2015Noise-Produced Patterns in Images Constructed from Magnetic Flux Leakage DataGoldobin, D. S.; Pimenova, A. V.; Levesley, J.; Elkington, P.; Bacciarelli, M.Journal Article
2-Apr-2015Modelling in Ecology, Epidemiology and Ecoepidemiology: Introduction to the Special IssueMorozov, A.Journal Article
20-Dec-2016Adaptivity and blow-up detection for nonlinear evolution problemsCangiani, Andrea; Georgoulis, Emmanuil H.; Kyza, Irene; Metcalfe, StephenJournal Article
20-Nov-2013Hilbert's 6th Problem: exact and approximate hydrodynamic manifolds for kinetic equationsGorban, Alexander N; Karlin, IlyaJournal Article
1-Mar-2015Orthogonal basis for the Shapovalov form on U-q (sl(n+1))Mudrov, AndreyJournal Article
30-Dec-2017Patchy, not patchy, or how much patchy? Classification of spatial patterns appearing in a model of biological invasionPetrovskaya, N.; Petrovskii, S.; Zhang, W.Journal Article
3-Oct-2016Generation of mechanical force by grafted polyelectrolytes in an electric field: application to polyelectrolyte-based nano-devicesBrilliantov, Nikolai V.; Budkov, Y. A.; Seidel, C.Journal Article