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2-Apr-2015Time Dependent Diffusion as a Mean Field Counterpart of Levy Type Random WalkAhmed, D. A.; Petrovskii, S.Journal Article
2-Apr-2015Mathematical Modelling of Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Oxygen in a Plankton SystemSekerci, Y.; Petrovskii, S.Journal Article
19-Jan-2016Evolution of adaptation mechanisms: Adaptation energy, stress, and oscillating deathGorban, Alexander N.; Tyukina, Tatiana A.; Smirnova, E. V.; Pokidysheva, L. I.Journal Article
26-Feb-2016Long-term transients and complex dynamics of a stage-structured population with time delay and the Allee effectMorozov, A. Y.; Banerjee, M.; Petrovskii, Sergei V.Journal Article
19-Jul-2016Tri-trophic Plankton Models Revised: Importance of Space, Food Web Structure and Functional Response ParametrisationEgilmez, H. I.; Morozov, A. Yu.Journal Article
19-Jul-2016Fast Sampling of Evolving Systems with Periodic TrajectoriesTyukin, I. Yu.; Gorban, A. N.; Tyukina, T. A.; Al-Ameri, J. M.; Korablev, Yu. A.Journal Article
19-Jul-2016Modelling in Ecology, Epidemiology and Ecoepidemiology: Introduction to the Special IssueMorozov, A.; Petrovskii, S.Journal Article
27-Aug-2015Generalized Mass Action Law and Thermodynamics of Nonlinear Markov ProcessesGorban, A. N.; Kolokoltsov, V. N.Journal Article
19-Jul-2016The Impact of Fragmented Habitat's Size and Shape on Populations with Allee EffectAlharbi, W. G.; Petrovskii, S. V.Journal Article
27-Aug-2015Forward-Invariant Peeling in Chemical Dynamics: a Simple Case StudyGorban, A. N.Journal Article