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Title: Developing e-learning design capabilities in a dual-mode institution.
Authors: Dence, Roger
Armellini, Alejandro
First Published: Jun-2009
Citation: Short paper presented at the EDEN 2009 conference, Gdansk, Poland, 10-13 June 2009.
Abstract: Higher education institutions offering open or distance learning provision alongside traditional on-campus delivery can face particular course design, development and delivery challenges on account of their ‘dual-mode’ nature. Such institutions arguably are more typical than ‘mono-mode’ institutions offering either on-campus only or distance-learning (DL) only provision. A single-system approach that meets the majority need can result in disadvantages in the other context, while a twin-track approach can lead to duplication of resources and effort. In contrast, ‘single-mode’ institutions can build systems optimised to support their particular context, with consequent economies and efficiencies to be gained in timescales and costs. In a dual-mode institution, e-learning is often situated within a ‘mosaic’ of disciplinary and departmental differences and similarities, with the challenge of fostering innovation and the development of good pedagogical practices in both on-campus and DL contexts that benefit teachers and learners alike. In the DL context, academics need to be supported to a much greater extent than for on-campus delivery by learning technologists, information librarians, multimedia experts and, most importantly, by pedagogical advisers with access to a strong practice evidence base. Taking the University of Leicester (UoL) as a case, this paper: (a) describes the background to dual-mode provision at UoL; (b) outlines the strategic initiatives relating to learning design enhancements in general and their relevance in the DL context; and (c) summarises the early outcomes in enhancing the e-learning aspects of course design and delivery in both modes.
Type: Conference paper
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