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Title: Modern land law
Authors: Thompson, Mark P.
First Published: 2009
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199550814
Type: Book
Description: Summary:- Modern Land Law offers fresh and contemporary coverage of a traditionally difficult subject. Mark Thompson moves away from the typically dense, black-letter approach adopted by many textbooks to take a more engaging look at the social context within which land law operates. The book is structured to reflect the key topics that are typically covered on the LLB making it ideal for use as a main textbook and the contextual approach and selective coverage ensure that it offers in-depth and rigorous analysis and discussion. The author excels in explaining difficult rules and concepts clearly but without oversimplification and guides students around the common pitfalls in areas where there is typically misunderstanding or confusion. Table of Contents:- 1. The scope of the subject; 2. Tenure and estates; 3. Law and equity; 4. The 1925 Legislation; 5. Registration of title; 6. The transfer of freehold land; 7. Possessory titles; 8. Consecutive and concurrent interests in land; 9. Co-ownership 1: acquisition of interests in the home; 10. Co-ownership 2: the legal framework of co-ownership; 11. Leasehold estates; 12. Mortgages; 13. Easements; 14. Covenants between freeholders; 15. Licences and estoppel
4th ed.
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