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The School's twin divisions, Archaeology and Ancient History, have established international reputations for high-quality research (Grade 5 RAE), teaching (24/24 QA) and training.

Research in the School may be classed under three main banners which straddle and link both Archaeology and Ancient History. They comprise Landscape Studies, Archaeologies of Historical Periods/Historical Studies, and Material Culture & Representation. Our research strategy exploits this disciplinary mix, rather than reinforcing it with period- or discipline-based research groups. Our main research areas are thematic and inter-disciplinary. Important research themes currently addressed within the School include:

  • agricultural landscapes;
  • archaeoastronomy;
  • archaeology of food;
  • ceramic production and exchange;
  • coinage;
  • epigraphy;
  • Greek political institutions;
  • identity in antiquity (especially gender and ethnicity);
  • imperialism and colonialism;
  • perception of landscapes;
  • the communication of archaeology;
  • the conservation and presentation of the historical environment;
  • urbanism.
  • The School's extensive laboratory facilities facilitate research in many of the above areas.

    The specific research interests, activities and areas of expertise of individual staff members are available via the School's webpages.

    When downloading papers please observe the normal copyright codes and conventions for their use.