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Title: Discrete Visible Luminescence of Helium Atoms and Molecules Desorbing from Helium Clusters: The Role of Electronic, Vibrational, and Rotational Energy Transfer.
Authors: von Haeften, Klaus
de Castro, A.R.B.
Joppien, M.
Moussavizadeh, L.
von Pietrowski, R.
Möller, Thomas
First Published: 9-Jun-1997
Publisher: American Physical Society.
Citation: Physical Review Letters, 1997, 78 (23), pp 4371-4374.
Abstract: Discrete visible and near-infrared luminescence of a beam of photoexcited helium clusters is reported. The emission lines are attributed to free helium atoms and molecules desorbing from clusters in electronically excited states. Depending on the excitation energy, various atomic and molecular singlet and triplet states are involved in the relaxation process. With increasing cluster size the intensity of molecular transitions becomes dominant. The temperature of ejected molecules could be estimated to Tvib ~ 2500 K and Trot ~ 450 K and is much higher than that of the cluster itself.
Type: Article
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