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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
12-Feb-2013The political transnationalism of Ecuadorians in Barcelona, Madrid and Milan: The role of individual resources, organizational engagement and the political contextMorales, Laura; Pilati, KatiaJournal Article
1-May-2013The Effects of the Kurdish Question on Turkey’s Foreign and Security Policy with Reference to the Western WorldBor, YasinThesis
1-Nov-2010Understanding Pakistan’s Nuclear Behaviour (1950s–2010): Assessing the State Motivation and its International Ramifications (a Three Models Approach)Abbasi, Rizwana KarimThesis
1-Jul-2014Examining the 'demand' side of the market for political activism: Party and civil society grassroots activists in SpainMorales, Laura; Ramiro, LJournal Article
2012Two Types of Self-Censorship: Public and PrivateCook, P; Heilmann, CJournal Article
9-Nov-2011The UK Independence Party: Understanding a Niche Party’s Strategy, Candidates and SupportersLynch, Philip; Whitaker, Richard C.; Loomes, GemmaJournal Article
26-Apr-2013Do citizenship regimes shape political incorporation? Evidence from four European citiesGonzález-Ferrer, Amparo; Morales, LauraJournal Article
2013Understanding the formation and actions of Eurosceptic groups in the European Parliament: pragmatism, principles and publicityWhitaker, Richard C.; Lynch, PhilipJournal Article
Jan-2014Participation in and responsibility for state injusticesJubb, Robert S. D.Journal Article
Nov-2010Between Euroscepticism and Eurosupport: The Attitudes of Urban and Rural Populations in Poland 2000-2008Surwillo, Izabela; Henderson, Karen; Lazaridis, GabriellaArticle