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1-Oct-2003Monitoring clinical outcomes in primary careBaker, RJournal Article
Feb-2004Investigation of systems to prevent diversion of opiate drugs in general practice in the UKBaker, R; Baker, R; Moss, P; Upton, D; Pankhania, JJournal Article
Oct-2007Primary healthcare teams' views on using mortality data to review clinical policies.Sullivan, E; Baker, R; Jones, D; Blackledge, H; Rashid, A; Farooqi, A; Allen, JJournal Article
Apr-2007Making use of mortality data to improve quality and safety in general practice: a review of current approaches.Baker, R; Sullivan, E; Camosso-Stefinovic, J; Rashid, A; Farooqi, A; Blackledge, H; Allen, JJournal Article
2001Development of guidelines to facilitate improved support of South Asian carers by primary health care teamsKatbamna, S; Bhakta, P; Parker, G; Baker, R; Ahmad, WJournal Article
Mar-2003Exploration of the relationship between continuity, trust in regular doctors and patient satisfaction with consultations with family doctorsBaker, R; Mainous III AG; Gray, DP; Love, MM; Baker, RJournal Article
Dec-2003Randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of feedback in improving test ordering in general practiceBaker, R; Smith, JF; Lambert, PC; Baker, RJournal Article
2009Effect of educational outreach on general practice prescribing of antibiotics and antidepressants: a two-year randomised controlled trial.Enriquez-Puga, A; Baker, R; Paul, S; Villoro-Valdes, RJournal Article
Dec-2006The costs of epilepsy misdiagnosis in England and WalesJuarez-Garcia, A; Stokes, T; Shaw, B; Camosso-Stefinovic, J; Baker, RJournal Article
Jul-2012The needs of carers of men with prostate cancer and barriers and enablers to meeting them: A qualitative study in EnglandSinfield, P; Baker, R; Ali, S; Richardson, AJournal Article