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May-2011Concomitants of paranoia in the general population.Freeman, D; McManus, S; Brugha, T; Meltzer, H; Jenkins, R; Bebbington, PJournal Article
Aug-2012Insomnia, worry, anxiety and depression as predictors of the occurrence and persistence of paranoid thinking.Freeman, D; Stahl, D; McManus, S; Meltzer, H; Brugha, T; Wiles, N; Bebbington, PJournal Article
Mar-2004Access to medium secure psychiatric care in England and Wales. 3: The clinical needs of assessed patientsMelzer, D; Tom, BDM; Brugha, T; Fryers, T; Gatward, R; Grounds, A; Johnson, T; Meltzer, HJournal Article
17-Feb-2012Age and birth cohort differences in depression in repeated cross-sectional surveys in England: the National Psychiatric Morbidity Surveys, 1993 to 2007.Spiers, N; Brugha, TS; Bebbington, P; McManus, S; Jenkins, R; Meltzer, HJournal Article
1-Jul-1998British psychiatric morbidity surveyJenkins, R; Bebbington, P; Brugha, TS; Farrell, M; Lewis, G; Meltzer, HJournal Article
Feb-2005Erratum: Social support networks and type of neurotic symptom among adults in British households (Psychological Medicine (2003) vol. 33 (307-318))Brugha, TS; Morgan, Z; Bebbington, P; Jenkins, R; Lewis, G; Farrell, M; Meltzer, HJournal Article
Jul-2005Letter to the editorBrugha, TS; Meltzer, H; Jenkins, R; Bebbington, PE; Taub, NAJournal Article
Jun-2011Age and birth cohort differences in the prevalence of common mental disorder in England: National Psychiatric Morbidity Surveys 1993-2007.Spiers, N; Bebbington, P; McManus, S; Brugha, TS; Jenkins, R; Meltzer, HJournal Article
Jul-1997Diagnostic boundaries, reasoning and depressive disorder, II. Application of a probabilistic model to the OPCS general population survey of psychiatric morbidity in Great BritainSurtees, PG; Wainwright, NWJ; Gilks, WR; Brugha, TS; Meltzer, H; Jenkins, RJournal Article