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Mar-2006Effect of aspirin, clopidogrel and dipyridamole on soluble markers of vascular function in normal volunteers and patients with prior ischaemic stroke.Zhao, L; Gray, L; Leonardi-Bee, J; Weaver, CS; Heptinstall, S; Bath, PMJournal Article
Nov-2004A comparison of the effects of Snoezelen and reminiscence therapy on the agitated behaviour of patients with dementia.Baillon, S; Van Diepen E; Prettyman, R; Redman, J; Rooke, N; Campbell, RJournal Article
23-Dec-2006CESAR: conventional ventilatory support vs extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for severe adult respiratory failure.Peek, Giles J.; Clemens, F.; Elbourne, D.; Firmin, Richard; Hardy, P.; Hibbert, C.; Killer, Hilliary; Mugford, M.; Thalanany, M.; Tiruvoipati, Ravin; Truesdale, A.; Wilson, AndrewJournal Article
12-Jun-2007Ethnic disparities in diabetes management and pay-for-performance in the UK: the Wandsworth Prospective Diabetes Study.Millett, C.; Gray, J.; Saxena, S.; Netuveli, G.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Majeed, A.Journal Article
Nov-2009Costs and health utilities associated with extremely preterm birth: evidence from the EPICure study.Petrou, S.; Abangma, G.; Johnson, S.; Wolke, D.; Marlow, N.Journal Article
6-Aug-2008Brief report: Aggressive challenging behaviour in adults with intellectual disability following community resettlement.Bhaumik, Sabyasachi; Watson, Joanna M.; Devapriam, John; Raju, L. Bala; Tin, Nyunt N.; Kiani, Reza; Talbott, Louise; Parker, Rachel; Moore, Lynne; Majumdar, Sisir K.; Ganghadaran, S.K.; Dixon, Kathryn; Das Gupta, Amitava; Barrett, M.; Tyrer, FreyaJournal Article
12-Oct-2004A comparison of the effects of Snoezelen and reminiscence therapy on the agitated behaviour of patients with dementiaBaillon, Sarah; Van Diepen, Erik; Prettyman, Richard; Redman, Julie; Rooke, Nan; Campbell, RowenaJournal Article
29-Dec-2005Rescue angioplasty after failed thrombolytic therapy for acute myocardial infarction.Gershlick, A. H.; Stephens-Lloyd, A.; Hughes, S.; Abrams, K. R.; Stevens, S. E.; Uren, N. G.; de Belder, A.; Davis, J.; Pitt, M.; Banning, A.; Baumbach, A.; Shiu, M. F.; Schofield, P.; Dawkins, K. D.; Henderson, R. A.; Oldroyd, K. G.; Wilcox, R.; REACT Trial InvestigatorsJournal Article
1-Jul-2005Continuity of care: is the personal doctor still important? A survey of general practitioners and family physicians in England and Wales, the United States, and The Netherlands.Stokes, Tim; Tarrant, Carolyn Clare; Mainous, Arch G.; Schers, H; Freeman, George K.; Baker, RichardJournal Article
7-Dec-2006Public health professionals' perceptions toward provision of health protection in England: a survey of expectations of Primary Care Trusts and Health Protection Units in the delivery of health protection.Cosford, Paul A.; O'Mahony, Mary; Angell, Emma; Bickler, Graham; Crawshaw, Shirley; Glencross, Janet; Horsley, Stephen S.; McCloskey, Brian; Puleston, Richard; Seare, Nichola; Tobin, Martin D.Journal Article