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2008Clinical research without consent in adults in the emergency setting: a review of patient and public views.Lecouturier, J; Rodgers, H; Ford, GA; Rapley, T; Stobbart, L; Louw, SJ; Murtagh, MJJournal Article
May-2004The relationship between measures of patient satisfaction and enablement and professional assessments of consultation competence.McKinley, RK; Fraser, RC; Baker, RH; Riley, RDJournal Article
Aug-2006Patients or research subjects? A qualitative study of participation in a randomised controlled trial of a complex intervention.Heaven, B; Murtagh, M; Rapley, T; May, C; Graham, R; Kaner, E; Thomson, RJournal Article
Feb-2008Which questionnaire is best? The reliability, validity and ease of use of the Patient Evaluation Measure, the Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand and the Michigan Hand Outcome Measure.Dias, JJ; Rajan, RA; Thompson, JRJournal Article
Apr-2004Organising services for influenza vaccination for older people.Dixon-Woods, M; Brown, H; Arthur, A; Matthews, R; Jagger, CJournal Article
2005Relationship between urinary symptoms reported in a postal questionnaire and urodynamic diagnosis.Matharu, G; Donaldson, MM; McGrother, CW; Matthews, RJJournal Article
Sep-2007A qualitative study of the health-related quality of life of disabled children.Young, B; Rice, H; Dixon-Woods, M; Colver, AF; Parkinson, KNJournal Article
Aug-2009Effectiveness of a pragmatic education program designed to promote walking activity in individuals with impaired glucose tolerance: a randomized controlled trial.Yates, T; Davies, M; Gorely, T; Bull, F; Khunti, KJournal Article
Jun-2012Assessing educational outcomes in middle childhood: validation of the Teacher Academic Attainment Scale.Johnson, S; Marlow, N; Wolke, DJournal Article
Jun-2012Screening for autism in extremely preterm infants: problems in interpretation.Moore, T; Johnson, S; Hennessy, E; Marlow, NJournal Article