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Nov-2009Costs and health utilities associated with extremely preterm birth: evidence from the EPICure study.Petrou, S.; Abangma, G.; Johnson, S.; Wolke, D.; Marlow, N.Journal Article
30-Jun-2014A parent questionnaire for developmental screening in infants born late and moderately preterm.Blaggan, Samarita; Guy, A.; Boyle, Elaine M.; Spata, Enti; Manktelow, Bradley N.; Wolke, D.; Johnson, SamanthaJournal Article
4-Oct-2012Why People Do, or Do Not, Immediately Contact Emergency Medical Services following the Onset of Acute Stroke: Qualitative Interview StudyMackintosh, J. E.; Murtagh, M. J.; Rodgers, H.; Thomson, R. G.; Ford, G. A.; White, M.Journal Article
22-Jan-2014Multicentre cluster randomised controlled trial evaluating implementation of a fire prevention Injury Prevention Briefing in children's centres: study protocolDeave, T.; Towner, E.; McColl, E.; Reading, R.; Sutton, Alex; Coupland, C.; Cooper, N.; Stewart, J.; Hayes, M.; Pitchforth, E.; Watson, M.; Kendrick, D.Journal Article
14-Mar-2012Does self monitoring of blood glucose as opposed to urinalysis provide additional benefit in patients newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes receiving structured education? The DESMOND SMBG randomised controlled trial protocol.Dallosso, Helen M.; Eborall, Helen C.; Daly, Heather; Martin-Stacey, Lorraine; Speight, Jane; Realf, Kathryn; Carey, Marian E.; Campbell, Michael J.; Dixon, Simon; Khunti, Kamlesh; Davies, Melanie J.; Heller, SimonJournal Article
8-Apr-2014Telephone interviews and online questionnaires can be used to improve neurodevelopmental follow-up ratesJohnson, Samantha; Seaton, Sarah E.; Manktelow, Bradley N.; Smith, Lucy K.; Field, David; Draper, Elizabeth S.; Marlow, N.; Boyle, Elaine M.Journal Article
9-Oct-2012Fetal alcohol exposure and IQ at age 8: evidence from a population-based birth-cohort studyLewis, S. J.; Zuccolo, L.; Davey Smith, G.; Macleod, J.; Rodriguez, S.; Draper, Elizabeth S.; Barrow, Margaret; Alati, R.; Sayal, K.; Ring, S.; Golding, J.; Gray, R.Journal Article
26-Feb-2014Using the Bayley-III to assess neurodevelopmental delay: which cut-off should be used?Johnson, Samantha; Moore, T.; Marlow, N.Journal Article
15-Jan-2014Use of Bayesian multivariate meta-analysis to estimate the HAQ for mapping onto the EQ-5D questionnaire in rheumatoid arthritisBujkiewicz, Sylwia; Thompson, John R.; Sutton, Alex J.; Cooper, Nicola J.; Harrison, Mark J.; Symmons, Deborah P. M.; Abrams, Keith R.Journal Article
1-Jul-2007Long-term fish intake is associated with better lipid profile, arterial blood pressure, and blood glucose levels in elderly people from Mediterranean islands (MEDIS epidemiological study)Panagiotakos, Demosthenes B.; Zeimbekis, Akis; Boutziouka, Vassiliki; Economou, Mary; Kourlaba, Georgia; Toutouzas, Pavlos; Polychronopoulos, EvangelosJournal Article