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2007Pharmacological and lifestyle interventions to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes in people with impaired glucose tolerance: systematic review and meta-analysisGillies, Clare Louise; Abrams, Keith R.; Lambert, Paul C.; Cooper, Nicola J.; Sutton, Alex J.; Hsu, Ronald T.; Khunti, KamleshArticle
14-Mar-2011Long term follow-up of a randomised controlled trial of services for urinary symptoms.Williams, Kate S.; Coleby, Dawn; Abrams, Keith R.; Turner, David A.; Shaw, Christine; Assassa, R. Philip; Cooper, Nicola J.; Donaldson, Madeleine M.K.; McGrother, Catherine W.Journal Article
2005Bayesian implementation of a genetic model-free approach to the meta-analysis of genetic association studies.Minelli, Cosetta; Thompson, John R.; Abrams, Keith R.; Lambert, Paul C.Article
3-May-2012Systematic review of methods used in meta-analyses where a primary outcome is an adverse or unintended eventWarren, F.C.; Abrams, Keith R.; Golder, S.; Sutton, A.J.Journal Article
8-Mar-2003Modelling the Cost Effectiveness of Multiple Sclerosis Therapies Studies GroupChilcott, Jim; McCabe, Chris; Tappenden, Paul; O'Hagan, Anthony; Cooper, Nicola J.; Abrams, Keith R.; Claxton, KarlArticle
12-Jan-2007Bivariate random-effects meta-analysis and the estimation of between-study correlationRiley, Richard D.; Abrams, Keith R.; Sutton, Alex J.; Lambert, Paul C.; Thompson, John R.Article
21-Aug-1999Methods in health service research: An introduction to bayesian methods in health technology and assessmentSpiegelhalter, David J.; Myles, Jonathan P.; Jones, David R.; Abrams, Keith R.Article
May-2002A systematic review of discharge arrangements for older peopleParker, Stuart G.; Peet, S.M.; McPherson, A.; Cannaby, A.M.; Abrams, Keith R.; Baker, Richard; Wilson, A.; Lindesay, James; Parker, G.; Jones, David R.Article
2000Bayesian methods in health technology assessment: a reviewSpiegelhalter, David J.; Myles, Jonathan P.; Jones, David R.; Abrams, Keith R.Report
Nov-2003Systematic review and economic decision modelling for the prevention and treatment of influenza A and BTurner, David A.; Wailoo, Allan J.; Nicholson, Karl G.; Cooper, N.; Sutton, Alex J.; Abrams, Keith R.Article