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2003Randomised controlled trial of the impact of guidelines, prioritized review criteria and feedback on implementation of recommendations for angina and asthma.Baker, Richard; Fraser, Robin C.; Stone, Margaret A.; Lambert, Paul C.; Stevenson, K.; Shiels, C.Article
7-Jan-2013What aspects of primary care predict emergency admission rates? A cross sectional studyGunther, Stephen; Taub, Nick; Rogers, Stephen; Baker, RichardJournal Article
2005Continuity of care and the new GMS contract: a survey of general practitioners in England and WalesStokes, Tim; Tarrant, Carolyn Clare; Baker, Richard; Freeman, George K.Article
May-2002A systematic review of discharge arrangements for older peopleParker, Stuart G.; Peet, S.M.; McPherson, A.; Cannaby, A.M.; Abrams, Keith R.; Baker, Richard; Wilson, A.; Lindesay, James; Parker, G.; Jones, David R.Article
2002Supporting South Asian carers and those they care for: the role of the primary health care teamKatbamna, Savita; Bhakta, P.; Ahmad, W.I.U.; Baker, Richard; Parker, G.Article
2007Impact of the population at risk of diabetes on projections of diabetes burden in the United States: an epidemic on the wayMainous, Arch G.; Baker, Richard; Koopman, R.J.; Saxena, S.; Diaz, V.A.; Everett, C.J.; Majeed, A.Article
2004Do they look after their own? : Informal Support for South Asian CarersKatbamna, Savita; Ahmad, W.I.U.; Bhakta, P.; Baker, Richard; Parker, G.Article
2006Randomised controlled trial of near-patient testing for glycated haemoglobin in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus.Khunti, Kamlesh; Stone, Margaret A.; Burden, A.C.; Turner, David A.; Raymond, N.T.; Burden, M.; Baker, RichardArticle
2006How are different types of continuity achieved? A mixed methods longitudinal study.Boulton, Mary; Tarrant, Carolyn Clare; Windridge, Kate C.; Baker, Richard; Freeman, George K.Article
27-Mar-2008Is seeing a specialist nurse associated with positive experiences of care? The role and value of specialist nurses in prostate cancer care.Tarrant, Carolyn Clare; Sinfield, Paul; Agarwal, Shona; Baker, RichardArticle