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14-Jun-2012Independent Effect of Ethnicity on Glycemia in South Asians and White EuropeansMostafa, Samiul A.; Davies, Melanie J.; Webb, David R.; Srinivasan, Balasubramanian Thiagarajan; Gray, Laura J.; Khunti, KamleshJournal Article
25-Sep-2012Is admission blood glucose concentration a more powerful predictor of mortality after myocardial infarction than diabetes diagnosis? A retrospective cohort study.Gholap, Nitin Narayan; Mehta, Rajnikant Laxmishanker; Ng, Leong; Davies, Melanie J.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Squire, Iain B.Journal Article
29-Oct-2013Sedentary Time and Markers of Chronic Low-Grade Inflammation in a High Risk PopulationHenson, Joseph; Yates, Thomas; Edwardson, Charlotte L.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Talbot, D.; Gray, L. J.; Leigh, T. M.; Carter, Patrice; Davies, Melanie J.Journal Article
14-Mar-2012Does self monitoring of blood glucose as opposed to urinalysis provide additional benefit in patients newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes receiving structured education? The DESMOND SMBG randomised controlled trial protocol.Dallosso, Helen M.; Eborall, Helen C.; Daly, Heather; Martin-Stacey, Lorraine; Speight, Jane; Realf, Kathryn; Carey, Marian E.; Campbell, Michael J.; Dixon, Simon; Khunti, Kamlesh; Davies, Melanie J.; Heller, SimonJournal Article
2-Jul-2015PRomotion Of Physical activity through structured Education with differing Levels of ongoing Support for people at high risk of type 2 diabetes (PROPELS): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trialYates, Tom; Griffin, S.; Bodicoat, Danielle H.; Brierly, G.; Dallosso, Helen; Davies, Melanie J.; Eborall, Helen; Edwardson, Charlotte; Gillett, M.; Gray, Laura; Hardeman, W.; Hill, Sian; Morton, K.; Sutton, S.; Troughton, Jacqui; Khunti, KamleshJournal Article
23-Dec-2014The association between neighbourhood greenspace and type 2 diabetes in a large cross-sectional studyBodicoat, Danielle H.; O'Donovan, Gary; Dalton, A. M.; Gray, Laura J.; Yates, Thomas; Edwardson, Charlotte; Hill, Sian; Webb, David R.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Davies, Melanie J.; Jones, A. P.Journal Article
31-Oct-2014Is the number of fast-food outlets in the neighbourhood related to screen-detected type 2 diabetes mellitus and associated risk factors?Bodicoat, Danielle H.; Carter, Patrice; Comber, Alexis; Edwardson, Charlotte; Gray, Laura J.; Hill, Sian; Webb, David; Yates, Thomas; Davies, Melanie J.; Khunti, KamleshJournal Article
2012Dietary Recommendations for the Prevention of Type 2 diabetes: What Are They Based on?Carter, Patrice; Khunti, Kamlesh; Davies, Melanie J.Journal Article
20-Oct-2010Screening for type 2 diabetes in a multiethnic setting using known risk factors to identify those at high risk: a cross-sectional studyGray, Laura J.; Tringham, Jennifer R.; Davies, Melanie J.; Webb, David R.; Jarvis, Janet; Skinner, T. C.; Farooqi, Azhar M.; Khunti, KamleshJournal Article
1-Sep-2014The impact of a programme to improve quality of care for people with type 2 diabetes on hard to reach groups: The GEDAPS studyBodicoat, Danielle H.; Mundet, X.; Davies, Melanie J.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Roura, P.; Franch, J.; Mata-Cases, M.; Cos, X.; Franciso Cano, J.; GEDAPS Study GroupJournal Article