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May-2012An investigation into the reporting and management of late terminations of pregnancy (between 22 +0 and 26 +6 weeks of gestation) within NHS Hospitals in England in 2006: the EPICure preterm cohort study.Draper, ES; Alfirevic, Z; Stacey, F; Hennessy, E; Costeloe, K; EPICure Study GroupJournal Article
Oct-2009Obstetric interventions for babies born before 28 weeks of gestation in Europe: Results of the MOSAIC studyKollée, LAA; Cuttini, M; Delmas, D; Bréart, G; Zeitlin, J; Papiernik, E; Den Ouden AL; Agostino, R; Boerch, K; Chabernaud, J-L; Draper, ES; Gortner, L; Künzel, W; Maier, RF; Mazela, J; Milligan, D; Van Reempts P; Van Reempts P; Weber, TJournal Article
1-Jan-2005Paediatric cardiac surgical mortality after Bristol - Details of risk adjustment tools were not givenParry, G; Draper, ES; McKinney, PJournal Article
16-Apr-2005A feasibility study of signed consent for the collection of patient identifiable information for a national paediatric clinical audit databaseMcKinney, PA; Parslow, R; Jones, S; Parry, G; Davey, N; Draper, ES; Darowski, M; Stack, C; Chaudhry, BJournal Article
31-May-2008Survival of extremely premature babies in a geographically defined population: prospective cohort study of 1994-9 compared with 2000-5.Field, DJ; Dorling, JS; Manktelow, BN; Draper, ESJournal Article
29-Aug-2009Congenital abnormalities: Data needed to establish causesDraper, ES; Rankin, J; Tonks, A; Boyd, P; Wellesley, D; Tucker, D; Budd, JJournal Article
Aug-2010Deprivation, ethnicity and prematurity in infant respiratory failure in PICU in the UKO'Donnell, DR; Parslow, RC; Draper, ESJournal Article
15-Feb-2008Recreational drug use: a major risk factor for gastroschisis?Draper, ES; Rankin, J; Tonks, AM; Abrams, KR; Field, DJ; Clarke, M; Kurinczuk, JJJournal Article
May-2009Investigating the variations in survival rates for very preterm infants in 10 European regions: the MOSAIC birth cohort.Draper, ES; Zeitlin, J; Fenton, AC; Weber, T; Gerrits, J; Martens, G; Misselwitz, B; Breart, G; MOSAIC research groupJournal Article
Jul-2009Rates of very preterm birth in Europe and neonatal mortality rates.Field, D; Draper, ES; Fenton, A; Papiernik, E; Zeitlin, J; Blondel, B; Cuttini, M; Maier, RF; Weber, T; Carrapato, M; Kollée, L; Gadzin, J; Van Reempts P; MOSAIC research groupJournal Article