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30-Jun-2012On the choice of parameterisation and priors for the Bayesian analyses of Mendelian randomisation studies.Jones, EM; Thompson, JR; Didelez, V; Sheehan, NAJournal Article
Mar-2004Genotypes and haplotypes predisposing to myocardial infarction: a multilocus case-control study.Tobin, MD; Braund, PS; Burton, PR; Thompson, JR; Steeds, R; Channer, K; Cheng, S; Lindpaintner, K; Samani, NJJournal Article
Nov-2010Genetic variants influencing circulating lipid levels and risk of coronary artery disease.Waterworth, DM; Ricketts, SL; Song, K; Chen, L; Zhao, JH; Ripatti, S; Aulchenko, YS; Zhang, W; Yuan, X; Lim, N; Luan, J; Ashford, S; Wheeler, E; Young, EH; Hadley, D; Thompson, JR; Braund, PS; Johnson, T; Struchalin, M; Surakka, I; Luben, R; Khaw, KT; Rodwell, SA; Loos, RJ; Boekholdt, SM; Inouye, M; Deloukas, P; Elliott, P; Schlessinger, D; Sanna, S; Scuteri, A; Jackson, A; Mohlke, KL; Tuomilehto, J; Roberts, R; Stewart, A; Kesäniemi, YA; Mahley, RW; Grundy, SM; Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium; McArdle, W; Cardon, L; Waeber, G; Vollenweider, P; Chambers, JC; Boehnke, M; Abecasis, GR; Salomaa, V; Järvelin, MR; Ruokonen, A; Barroso, I; Epstein, SE; Hakonarson, HH; Rader, DJ; Reilly, MP; Witteman, JC; Hall, AS; Samani, NJ; Strachan, DP; Barter, P; van Duijn CM; Kooner, JS; Peltonen, L; Wareham, NJ; McPherson, R; Mooser, V; Sandhu, MSJournal Article
Sep-2002A study of heredity as a risk factor in strabismus.Ziakas, NG; Woodruff, G; Smith, Lucy K.; Thompson, JRJournal Article
2001Changes in body temperature and urinary cortisol after routine immunization in babies with intrauterine growth retardationJackson, JA; Wailoo, MP; Petersen, SA; Thompson, JR; Davies, TJournal Article
Jan-2005Mapping of a major locus that determines telomere length in humans.Vasa-Nicotera, M; Brouilette, S; Mangino, M; Thompson, JR; Braund, P; Clemitson, JR; Mason, A; Bodycote, CL; Raleigh, SM; Louis, E; Samani, NJJournal Article
Oct-2007Turning the pump handle: Evolving methods for integrating the evidence on gene-disease associationHiggins, JPT; Thompson, SG; Little, J; Ioannidis, JPA; Salanti, G; Bray, MS; Ioannidis, JPA; Manolio, TA; Smeeth, L; Sterne, JA; Lewis, SJ; Anagnostelis, B; Butterworth, AS; Danesh, J; Sanderson, S; Dezateux, C; Gallacher, JE; Gwinn, M; Khoury, MJ; Minelli, C; Pharoah, PD; Smith, LA; Taioli, E; Thompson, JR; Walker, N; Zimmern, RL; Higgins, JPTJournal Article
15-Jul-2008Re: "Prevalence of and risk factors for urine leakage in a racially and ethnically diverse population of adults: the Boston Area Community Health (BACH) Survey".McGrother, CW; Donaldson, MM; Thompson, JRJournal Article
2009The quality of meta-analyses of genetic association studies: A review with recommendationsMinelli, C; Thompson, JR; Abrams, KR; Thakkinstian, A; Attia, J; Attia, JJournal Article
Mar-2007A two-stage approach to the correction of ascertainment bias in complex genetic studies involving variance componentsBowden, J; Thompson, JR; Burton, PR; Bowden, JJournal Article