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5-Oct-2002Prostate specific antigen testing for prostate cancer - Engaging with the public may address their concerns and produce workable solutionsThornton, H; Dixon-Woods, MJournal Article
1-Jun-2010'Mis-investigating alleged research misconduct can have dire consequences' and 'Regulating research, regulating professionals' Response to Kennedy and FarthingDixon-Woods, MJournal Article
25-Jun-2012Socioeconomic inequalities in the rate of stillbirths by cause: a population-based studySeaton, Sarah E.; Field, David J.; Draper, Elizabeth S.; Manktelow, Bradley N.; Smith, Gordon C. S.; Springett, Anna; Smith, Lucy K.Journal Article
18-Jan-2012Systematic review and meta-analysis of the value of initial biomarkers in predicting adverse outcome in febrile neutropenic episodes in children and young people with cancerPhillips, Robert S.; Wade, Ros; Lehrnbecher, Thomas; Stewart, Lesley A.; Sutton, Alex J.Journal Article
21-Sep-2010Preventing disease through opportunistic, rapid engagement by primary care teams using behaviour change counselling (PRE-EMPT): protocol for a general practice-based cluster randomised trialSpanou, Clio; Simpson, Sharon A.; Hood, Kerry; Edwards, Adrian; Cohen, David; Rollnick, Stephen; Carter, Ben; McCambridge, Jim; Moore, Laurence; Randell, Elizabeth; Pickles, Timothy; Smith, Christine; Lane, Claire; Wood, Fiona; Thornton, Hazel; Butler, Chris C.Journal Article
7-Oct-2000Systematic review of water fluoridationMcDonagh, MS; Whiting, PF; Wilson, PM; Sutton, AJ; Chestnutt, I; Cooper, J; Misso, K; Bradley, M; Treasure, E; Kleijnen, JJournal Article
11-Jan-2003Recent changes in lung cancer incidence for south Asians: a population based register studySmith, Lucy K.; Peake, MD; Botha, JLJournal Article
14-Sep-2002The mental health of UK Gulf war veterans: phase 2 of a two phase cohort studyIsmail, K; Kent, K; Brugha, T; Hotopf, M; Hull, L; Seed, P; Palmer, I; Reid, S; Unwin, C; David, AS; Wessely, SJournal Article
11-Aug-2001Do single handed practices offer poorer care? Cross sectional survey of processes and outcomesHippisley-Cox, J; Pringle, M; Coupland, C; Hammersley, V; Wilson, AJournal Article
8-Mar-2003Modelling the cost effectiveness of interferon beta and glatiramer acetate in the management of multiple sclerosisChilcott, J; McCabe, C; Tappenden, P; O'Hagan, A; Cooper, NJ; Abrams, K; Claxton, KJournal Article