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1-Aug-2013Institutionalising knowledge brokering as a sustainable knowledge translation solution in healthcare: how can it work in practice?Chew, Sarah; Armstrong, Natalie; Martin, GrahamJournal Article
1-Dec-1997Mortality from venous thromboembolism among young women in Europe: no evidence for any effect of third generation oral contraceptivesFarmer, RDT; Newson, RB; MacRae, K; Lawrenson, RA; Tyrer, FJournal Article
Feb-2010Factors that influence decisions about cardiopulmonary resuscitation: The views of doctors and medical students (Postgrad Med J (2009) 85 (564-8))Tyrer, F; Williams, M; Feathers, LJournal Article
1-Oct-2001Is the time from HIV seroconversion a determinant of the risk of AIDS after adjustment for updated CD4 cell counts?Babiker, A; Darbyshire, J; Pezzotti, P; Porter, K; Rezza, G; Walker, S; Beral, V; Coutinho, R; Del Amo J; Gill, N; Lee, C; Meyer, L; Tyrer, F; Dabis, F; Thiebaut, R; Lawson-Ayayi, S; Boufassa, F; Hamouda, O; Lorenzo, JI; Touloumi, G; Hatzakis, A; Karafoulidou, A; Katsarou, O; Brettle, R; Del Romero J; Prins, M; Coutinho, RA; Van Benthem B; Kirk, O; Pedersen, C; Hernández Aguado I; Pérez-Hoyos, S; Eskild, A; Bruun, JN; Sannes, M; Sabin, C; Johnson, AM; Phillips, AN; Babiker, A; Darbyshire, JH; Gill, N; Francioli, P; Vanhems, P; Egger, M; Rickenbach, M; Cooper, D; Kaldor, J; Vizzard, J; Tusell, JM; Ruiz, I; Cayla, JA; Garcia de Olalla P; Day, NE; De Angelis DJournal Article
Sep-2011Assessing Quality of Life and Mortality in Adults With Intellectual Disability and Complex Health Problems Following Move From a Long-Stay HospitalBhaumik, S; Tyrer, F; Bhaumik, S; Tyrer, F; Ganghadaran, SJournal Article
Jun-1999A study of cardiovascular disease, depression and antidepressants on a computerised general practice databaseTyrer, F; Lawrenson, RA; Farmer, RDT; Tyrer, FJournal Article
2011Educational outcomes in extremely preterm children: neuropsychological correlates and predictors of attainment.Johnson, S; Wolke, D; Hennessy, E; Marlow, NJournal Article
15-Apr-2004Chaotic electron diffusion through stochastic webs enhances current flow in superlattices.Fromhold, TM; Patanè, A; Bujkiewicz, S; Wilkinson, PB; Fowler, D; Sherwood, D; Stapleton, SP; Krokhin, AA; Eaves, L; Henini, M; Sankeshwar, NS; Sheard, FWJournal Article
Sep-2006Biobanks, bioethics and concepts of donated blood in the UK.Busby, HJournal Article
Mar-2011Which factors are associated with higher rates of chronic kidney disease recording in primary care? A cross-sectional survey of GP practices.Walker, N; Bankart, J; Brunskill, N; Baker, RJournal Article