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Dec-2018ERS International Congress 2018: highlights from best-abstract awardees.Burgy, O; Armitage, J; Wain, L; Casas, M; Mantoani, LC; Bodier-Montagutelli, E; Boccabella, C; De Brandt, JJournal Article
2019Novel idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis susceptibility variants revealed by deep sequencingLorenzo-Salazar, Jose M.; Ma, Shwu-Fan; Jou, Jonathan; Hou, Pei-Chi; Guillen-Guio, Beatriz; Allen, Richard J.; Jenkins, R. Gisli; Wain, Louise V.; Oldham, Justin M.; Noth, Imre; Flores, CarlosJournal Article
31-Oct-2018The Genetic Sphygmomanometer: an argument for routine genome-wide genotyping in the population and a new view on its use to inform clinical practice.Timpson, Nicholas John; Dudbridge, FrankJournal Article
4-Jun-2019Magnitude and modifiers of the weekend effect in hospital admissions: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Chen, Y-F; Armoiry, X; Higenbottam, C; Cowley, N; Basra, R; Watson, SI; Tarrant, C; Boyal, A; Sutton, E; Wu, C-W; Aldridge, CP; Gosling, A; Lilford, R; Bion, JJournal Article
2017Ambient air pollution, traffic noise and adult asthma prevalence: a BioSHaRE approach.Cai, Y; Zijlema, WL; Doiron, D; Blangiardo, M; Burton, PR; Fortier, I; Gaye, A; Gulliver, J; de Hoogh, K; Hveem, K; Mbatchou, S; Morley, DW; Stolk, RP; Elliott, P; Hansell, AL; Hodgson, SJournal Article
28-May-2019Implementation research for the prevention of antimicrobial resistance and healthcare-associated infections; 2017 Geneva infection prevention and control (IPC)-think tank (part 1).Zingg, W; Storr, J; Park, BJ; Ahmad, R; Tarrant, C; Castro-Sanchez, E; Tomczyk, S; Kilpatrick, C; Allegranzi, B; Cardo, D; Pittet, D; 2017 Geneva IPC-Think TankJournal Article
6-Mar-2019A cross-sectional description of open access publication costs, policies and impact in emergency medicine and critical care journalsDove, C; Chan, TM; Thoma, B; Roland, D; Bruijns, SRJournal Article
15-Jun-2018Attitudes, Understanding and Compliance with Cervical Cancer Screening in Eastern European Migrants to EnglandPatel, HershaThesis
5-May-2019Validity and effectiveness of paediatric early warning systems and track and trigger tools for identifying and reducing clinical deterioration in hospitalised children: a systematic review.Trubey, R; Huang, C; Lugg-Widger, FV; Hood, K; Allen, D; Edwards, D; Lacy, D; Lloyd, A; Mann, M; Mason, B; Oliver, A; Roland, D; Sefton, G; Skone, R; Thomas-Jones, E; Tume, LN; Powell, CJournal Article
3-May-2019Bayesian spatial modelling for quasi-experimental designs: An interrupted time series study of the opening of Municipal Waste Incinerators in relation to infant mortality and sex ratio.Freni-Sterrantino, A; Ghosh, RE; Fecht, D; Toledano, MB; Elliott, P; Hansell, AL; Blangiardo, MJournal Article