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21-Mar-2003Creation of solitons and vortices by Bragg reflection of Bose-Einstein condensates in an optical latticeScott, RG; Martin, AM; Fromhold, TM; Bujkiewicz, S; Sheard, FW; Leadbeater, MJournal Article
Feb-2011Etanercept, infliximab and adalimumab for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis: a systematic review and economic evaluation.Rodgers, M; Epstein, D; Bojke, L; Yang, H; Craig, D; Fonseca, T; Myers, L; Bruce, I; Chalmers, R; Bujkiewicz, S; Lai, M; Cooper, N; Abrams, K; Spiegelhalter, D; Sutton, A; Sculpher, M; Woolacott, NJournal Article
Mar-2010The meanings of consent to the donation of cord blood stem cells: perspectives from an interview-based study of a public cord blood bank in England.Busby, HJournal Article
Sep-2003'Everywhere and nowhere': Locating and understanding the 'new' public healthMacKian, S; Elliott, H; Busby, H; Popay, JJournal Article
1-Jul-1999Public health and primary care: a necessary relationshipBusby, H; Elliott, H; Popay, J; Williams, GJournal Article
Oct-2010The addition of high-dose tamoxifen to standard radiotherapy does not improve the survival of patients with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma.Michalski, A; Bouffet, E; Taylor, RE; Hargrave, D; Walker, D; Picton, S; Robinson, K; Pizer, B; Bujkiewicz, SJournal Article
1-Nov-1998Estimating the burden of musculoskeletal disorders in the community: the comparative prevalence of symptoms at different anatomical sites, and the relation to social deprivationUrwin, M; Symmons, D; Allison, T; Brammah, T; Busby, H; Roxby, M; Simmons, A; Williams, GJournal Article
Oct-2000Quantum chaos for cold atoms in an optical lattice with a tilted harmonic trapFromhold, TM; Tench, CR; Bujkiewicz, S; Wilkinson, PB; Sheard, FW; Bujkiewicz, SJournal Article
1-Feb-2008Correlates of subjective quality of life in people with schizophreniaMarwaha, S; Johnson, S; Bebbington, P; Angermeyer, MC; Brugha, T; Azorin, J-M; Kilian, R; Kornfeld, A; Toumi, MJournal Article
23-Jul-2001Effects of stochastic webs on chaotic electron transport in semiconductor superlatticesFromhold, TM; Krokhin, AA; Tench, CR; Bujkiewicz, S; Wilkinson, PB; Sheard, FW; Eaves, LJournal Article