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13-Nov-2018Improving care at scale: process evaluation of a multi-component quality improvement intervention to reduce mortality after emergency abdominal surgery (EPOCH trial).Stephens, T. J.; Peden, C. J.; Pearse, R. M.; Shaw, S. E.; Abbott, T. E. F.; Jones, E. L.; Kocman, D.; Martin, G.; EPOCH trial groupJournal Article
14-Jan-2019Safety of Men with Small and Medium Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Under Surveillance in the National Health Service Screening Programme.Oliver-Williams, Clare; Sweeting, Michael J.; Jacomelli, Jo; Summers, Lisa; Stevenson, Anne; Lees, Tim; Earnshaw, Jonothan J.Journal Article
26-Mar-2018The challenge of opt-outs from NHS data: a small-area perspective.Piel, Frédéric B.; Parkes, Brandon L.; Daby, Hima; Hansell, Anna L.; Elliott, PaulJournal Article
11-Jun-2016Investigating trends in asthma and COPD through multiple data sources: A small area study.Boulieri, Areti; Hansell, Anna; Blangiardo, MartaJournal Article
8-Jan-2019Defining displacement thresholds for surgical intervention for distal radius fractures - A Delphi study.Johnson, Nick; Leighton, Paul; Distal Radius Fracture Delphi Study Group; Pailthorpe, Charles; Dias, JosephJournal Article
20-Mar-2019Parents' experiences of having an excessively crying baby and implications for support servicesGarratt, R; Bamber, D; Powell, C; Long, J; Brown, J; Turney, N; Chessman, J; Dyson, S; St James-Roberts, IJournal Article
31-Jan-2019Genetic regulatory mechanisms in human osteoclasts suggest a role for the STMP1 and DCSTAMP genes in Paget's disease of bone.Mullin, BH; Zhu, K; Brown, SJ; Mullin, S; Tickner, J; Pavlos, NJ; Dudbridge, F; Xu, J; Walsh, JP; Wilson, SGJournal Article
7-Nov-2016Home and Online Management and Evaluation of Blood Pressure (HOME BP) digital intervention for self-management of uncontrolled, essential hypertension: a protocol for the randomised controlled HOME BP trialBand, R; Morton, K; Stuart, B; Raftery, J; Bradbury, K; Yao, GL; Zhu, S; Little, P; Yardley, L; McManus, RJJournal Article
15-Aug-2019Southampton Arm Fracture Frailty and Sarcopenia Study (SAFFSS): a study protocol for the feasibility of assessing frailty and sarcopenia among older patients with an upper limb fracture.Ibrahim, K; Mullee, M; Yao, GL; Zhu, S; Baxter, M; Tilly, S; Russell, C; Roberts, HCJournal Article
Oct-2015Can People With Intellectual Disability Resist Implications of Fault When Police Question Their Allegations of Sexual Assault and Rape?Antaki, Charles; Richardson, Emma; Stokoe, Elizabeth; Willott, SaraJournal Article