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May-2012An investigation into the reporting and management of late terminations of pregnancy (between 22 +0 and 26 +6 weeks of gestation) within NHS Hospitals in England in 2006: the EPICure preterm cohort study.Draper, ES; Alfirevic, Z; Stacey, F; Hennessy, E; Costeloe, K; EPICure Study GroupJournal Article
Nov-2003Exploring and enhancing engagement to the psychosocial intervention 'Preparing for Parenthood'.Wheatley, SL; Brugha, TS; Shapiro, DAJournal Article
Dec-2007Flexible therapeutic landscapes of labour and the place of pain relief.Burges Watson D; Murtagh, MJ; Lally, JE; Thomson, RG; McPhail, SJournal Article
Apr-2008Decision support for women choosing mode of delivery after a previous caesarean section: a developmental study.Farnworth, A; Robson, SC; Thomson, RG; Watson, DB; Murtagh, MJJournal Article
Oct-2003Trisomy 13 and trisomy 18 in a defined population: epidemiological, genetic and prenatal observations.Parker, MJ; Budd, JL; Draper, ES; Young, IDJournal Article
May-2008Geographically based investigation of the influence of very-preterm births on routine mortality statistics from the UK and Australia.Field, D; Bajuk, B; Manktelow, BN; Vincent, T; Dorling, J; Tarnow-Mordi, W; Draper, ES; Smart, DHJournal Article
Oct-2004Informed consent for elective and emergency surgery: questionnaire study.Akkad, A; Jackson, C; Kenyon, S; Dixon-Woods, M; Taub, N; Habiba, MJournal Article
Aug-2005Factors influencing repeat caesarean section: qualitative exploratory study of obstetricians' and midwives' accounts.Kamal, P; Dixon-Woods, M; Kurinczuk, JJ; Oppenheimer, C; Squire, P; Waugh, JJournal Article
Aug-2006Referral and attendance at a specialist antenatal clinic: qualitative study of women's views.Jackson, CJ; Bosio, P; Habiba, M; Waugh, J; Kamal, P; Dixon-Woods, MJournal Article
22-May-1999Assessment of separate contributions to perinatal mortality of infertility history and treatment: a case-control analysis.Draper, ES; Kurinczuk, JJ; Abrams, KR; Clarke, MJournal Article