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Oct-1997Mortality rates in diabetic patients from a community-based population.Lawrenson, R; Pierce, M; Tyrer, FJournal Article
Jul-2009Cross-national associations between gender and mental disorders in the World Health Organization World Mental Health Surveys.Seedat, S; Scott, KM; Angermeyer, MC; Berglund, P; Bromet, EJ; Brugha, TS; Demyttenaere, K; de Girolamo G; Haro, JM; Jin, R; Karam, EG; Kovess-Masfety, V; Levinson, D; Medina Mora ME; Ono, Y; Ormel, J; Pennell, BE; Posada-Villa, J; Sampson, NA; Williams, D; Kessler, RCJournal Article
Apr-2006Physical aggression towards others in adults with learning disabilities: prevalence and associated factors.Tyrer, F; McGrother, CW; Thorp, CF; Donaldson, M; Bhaumik, S; Watson, JM; Hollin, CJournal Article
Oct-2005New cases of diabetes mellitus in England and Wales, 1994-1998: database study.Ryan, R; Newnham, A; Khunti, K; Majeed, AJournal Article
May-2010Meta-analysis and imputation refines the association of 15q25 with smoking quantity.Liu, JZ; Tozzi, F; Waterworth, DM; Pillai, SG; Muglia, P; Middleton, L; Berrettini, W; Knouff, CW; Yuan, X; Waeber, G; Vollenweider, P; Preisig, M; Wareham, NJ; Zhao, JH; Loos, RJ; Barroso, I; Khaw, KT; Grundy, S; Barter, P; Mahley, R; Kesaniemi, A; McPherson, R; Vincent, JB; Strauss, J; Kennedy, JL; Farmer, A; McGuffin, P; Day, R; Matthews, K; Bakke, P; Gulsvik, A; Lucae, S; Ising, M; Brueckl, T; Horstmann, S; Wichmann, HE; Rawal, R; Dahmen, N; Lamina, C; Polasek, O; Zgaga, L; Huffman, J; Campbell, S; Kooner, J; Chambers, JC; Burnett, MS; Devaney, JM; Pichard, AD; Kent, KM; Satler, L; Lindsay, JM; Waksman, R; Epstein, S; Wilson, JF; Wild, SH; Campbell, H; Vitart, V; Reilly, MP; Li, M; Qu, L; Wilensky, R; Matthai, W; Hakonarson, HH; Rader, DJ; Franke, A; Wittig, M; Schäfer, A; Uda, M; Terracciano, A; Xiao, X; Busonero, F; Scheet, P; Schlessinger, D; St Clair D; Rujescu, D; Abecasis, GR; Grabe, HJ; Teumer, A; Völzke, H; Petersmann, A; John, U; Rudan, I; Hayward, C; Wright, AF; Kolcic, I; Wright, BJ; Thompson, JR; Balmforth, AJ; Hall, AS; Samani, NJ; Anderson, CA; Ahmad, T; Mathew, CG; Parkes, M; Satsangi, J; Caulfield, M; Munroe, PB; Farrall, M; Dominiczak, A; Worthington, J; Thomson, W; Eyre, S; Barton, A; Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium; Mooser, V; Francks, C; Marchini, JJournal Article
Apr-2010Prognostic value of admission blood glucose concentration and diabetes diagnosis on survival after acute myocardial infarction: results from 4702 index cases in routine practice.Squire, IB; Nelson, CP; Ng, LL; Jones, DR; Woods, KL; Lambert, PCJournal Article
Oct-2010The potential impact and optimal cut-points of using glycated haemoglobin, HbA1c, to detect people with impaired glucose regulation in a UK multi-ethnic cohort.Mostafa, SA; Khunti, K; Srinivasan, BT; Webb, D; Gray, LJ; Davies, MJJournal Article
Jun-2012Quality of secondary prevention measures in TIA patients: a retrospective cohort study.Lager, KE; Wilson, A; Khunti, K; Mistri, AKJournal Article
Dec-2011Four genetic loci influencing electrocardiographic indices of left ventricular hypertrophy.Shah, S; Nelson, CP; Gaunt, TR; van der Harst P; Barnes, T; Braund, PS; Lawlor, DA; Casas, JP; Padmanabhan, S; Drenos, F; Kivimaki, M; Talmud, PJ; Humphries, SE; Whittaker, J; Morris, RW; Whincup, PH; Dominiczak, A; Munroe, PB; Johnson, T; Goodall, AH; Cambien, F; Diemert, P; Hengstenberg, C; Ouwehand, WH; Felix, JF; Glazer, NL; Tomaszewski, M; Burton, PR; Tobin, MD; van Veldhuisen DJ; de Boer RA; Navis, G; van Gilst WH; Mayosi, BM; Thompson, JR; Kumari, M; MacFarlane, PW; Day, IN; Hingorani, AD; Samani, NJJournal Article
7-Jul-2003Up-to-date estimates of long-term cancer survival in England and Wales.Smith, Lucy K.; Lambert, PC; Jones, DRJournal Article