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14-Mar-2011Long term follow-up of a randomised controlled trial of services for urinary symptoms.Williams, Kate S.; Coleby, Dawn; Abrams, Keith R.; Turner, David A.; Shaw, Christine; Assassa, R. Philip; Cooper, Nicola J.; Donaldson, Madeleine M.K.; McGrother, Catherine W.Journal Article
Apr-2004Organising services for influenza vaccination for older people.Dixon-Woods, M; Brown, H; Arthur, A; Matthews, R; Jagger, CJournal Article
7-Jul-2003Up-to-date estimates of long-term cancer survival in England and Wales.Smith, Lucy K.; Lambert, PC; Jones, DRJournal Article
Jul-2003Performance of hospital-at-home after a randomised controlled trial.Wilson, A; Parker, H; Wynn, A; Spiers, NJournal Article
Jul-2006The impact of diabetes on current revascularisation practice and clinical outcome in patients with critical lower limb ischaemia.Awad, S; Karkos, CD; Serrachino-Inglott, F; Cooper, NJ; Butterfield, JS; Ashleigh, R; Nasim, AJournal Article
Feb-2008Early frontal executive impairment as a predictor of subsequent behavior disturbance in dementia.Tsoi, T; Baillon, S; Lindesay, JJournal Article
Feb-2011Predictors of anxiety and depression among people attending diabetes screening: a prospective cohort study embedded in the ADDITION (Cambridge) randomized control trial.Paddison, CA; Eborall, HC; French, DP; Kinmonth, AL; Prevost, AT; Griffin, SJ; Sutton, SJournal Article
2012Plasma transthyretin as a candidate marker for Alzheimer's disease.Velayudhan, L; Killick, R; Hye, A; Kinsey, A; G√ľntert, A; Lynham, S; Ward, M; Leung, R; Lourdusamy, A; To, AW; Powell, J; Lovestone, SJournal Article
Nov-2011Surgical versus nonsurgical treatment of acute minimally displaced and undisplaced scaphoid waist fractures: pairwise and network meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials.Ibrahim, T; Qureshi, A; Sutton, AJ; Dias, JJJournal Article
6-Aug-2008Brief report: Aggressive challenging behaviour in adults with intellectual disability following community resettlement.Bhaumik, Sabyasachi; Watson, Joanna M.; Devapriam, John; Raju, L. Bala; Tin, Nyunt N.; Kiani, Reza; Talbott, Louise; Parker, Rachel; Moore, Lynne; Majumdar, Sisir K.; Ganghadaran, S.K.; Dixon, Kathryn; Das Gupta, Amitava; Barrett, M.; Tyrer, FreyaJournal Article