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7-Dec-2012Association between Proton Pump Inhibitor Therapy and Clostridium difficile Infection: A Contemporary Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisTleyjeh, I. M.; Bin Abdulhak, A. A.; Riaz, M.; Alasmari, F. A.; Garbati, M. A.; AlGhamdi, M.; Khan, A. R.; Al Tannir, M.; Erwin, P. J.; Ibrahim, T.; AlLehibi, A.; Baddour, L. M.; Sutton, A. J.Journal Article
5-Nov-2012Spatiotemporal and Functional Characterisation of the Plasmodium falciparum cGMP-Dependent Protein KinaseTobin, A. B.; Hopp, C. S.; Flueck, C.; Baker, D. A.; Solyakov, L.Journal Article
24-Oct-2012Association of Primary Care Characteristics with Variations in Mortality Rates in England: An Observational StudyLevene, L. S.; Bankart, J.; Khunti, K.; Baker, R.Journal Article
4-Oct-2012Why People Do, or Do Not, Immediately Contact Emergency Medical Services following the Onset of Acute Stroke: Qualitative Interview StudyMackintosh, J. E.; Murtagh, M. J.; Rodgers, H.; Thomson, R. G.; Ford, G. A.; White, M.Journal Article
28-Dec-2012Changes in the prevalence, treatment and control of hypertension in Germany? A clinical-epidemiological study of 50.000 primary care patients.Labeit, A. M.; Klotsche, J.; Pieper, L.; Pittrow, D.; Einsle, F.; Stalla, G. K.; Lehnert, H.; Silber, S.; Zeiher, A. M.; März, W.; Wehling, M.; Wittchen, H. U.Journal Article
25-Jun-2015Data Safe Havens in health research and healthcare.Burton, P. R.; Murtagh, M. J.; Boyd, A.; Williams, J. B.; Dove, E. S.; Wallace, Susan E.; Tassé, A-M.; Little, J.; Chisholm, R. L.; Gaye, A.; Hveem, K.; Brookes, Anthony J.; Goodwin, P.; Fistein, J.; Bobrow, M.; Knoppers, B. M.Journal Article
10-Jun-2015Compare and contrast: a cross-national study across UK, USA and Greek experts regarding return of incidental findings from clinical sequencing.Gourna, Elli G.; Armstrong, Natalie; Wallace, Susan E.Journal Article
1-Dec-2013Adjusting for measurement error in baseline prognostic biomarkers included in a time-to-event analysis: a joint modelling approach.Crowther, Michael J.; Lambert, Paul C.; Abrams, Keith R.Journal Article
10-Aug-2014Improved maximum likelihood reconstruction of complex multi-generational pedigrees.Sheehan, Nuala A.; Bartlett, M.; Cussens, J.Journal Article
4-Jun-2015A cluster randomised controlled trial to investigate the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of the 'Girls Active' intervention: a study protocolEdwardson, C. L.; Harrington, D. M.; Yates, T.; Bodicoat, D. H.; Khunti, K.; Gorely, T.; Sherar, L. B.; Edwards, R. T.; Wright, C.; Harrington, K.; Davies, M. J.Journal Article
3-Jun-2015Inverse association between fasting plasma glucose and risk of ventricular arrhythmiasZaccardi, Francesco; Webb, David R.; Kurl, Sudhir; Khunti, Kamlesh; Davies, Melanie J.; Laukkanen, Jari A.Journal Article
15-May-2015Can We Convert Between Outcome Measures of Disability for Chronic Low Back Pain?Morris, Tom; Hee, Siew Wan; Stallard, Nigel; Underwood, Martin; Patel, ShilpaJournal Article
4-Mar-2015Association between direct measurement of active serum calcium and risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus: a prospective studyZaccardi, Francesco; Webb, D. R.; Carter, P.; Pitocco, D.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Davies, M. J.; Kurl, S.; Laukkanen, J. A.Journal Article
13-May-2015Use of patient video cases in medical educationRoland, Damian; Balslev, ThomasJournal Article
12-May-2015Medical students’ personal experience of high-stakes failure: case studies using interpretative phenomenological analysisTarrant, C.; Patel, R. S.; Bonas, S.; Shaw, R. L.Journal Article
8-May-2015Understanding social development following very preterm birth.Johnson, SamanthaJournal Article
9-May-2015Respecting autonomy over time: policy and empirical evidence on re-consent in longitudinal biomedical researchWallace, Susan E.; Gourna, Elli G.; Laurie, G.; Shoush, Osama; Wright, Jessica E.Journal Article
30-Apr-2015Consent revisited: The impact of return of results on participants’ views and expectations about trial participation.Tarrant, Carolyn; Jackson, Clare; Dixon-Woods, Mary; McNicol, S.; Kenyon, S.; Armstrong, NatalieJournal Article
23-Apr-2015Inclusive public participation in health: policy, practice and theoretical contributions to promote the involvement of marginalised groups in healthcarede Freitas, C.; Martin, GrahamJournal Article
3-Apr-2014Trends in the incidence and mortality of multiple births by socioeconomic deprivation and maternal age in England: population-based cohort study.Smith, Lucy K.; Manktelow, Bradley N.; Draper, Elizabeth S.; Boyle, Elaine M .; Johnson, Samantha J.; Field, David J.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1922
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