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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
Sep-1996A survey of the relationship between community mental health teams and residential homes for the elderlyBaillon, S; Neville, P; Broome, C; Baillon, SJournal Article
Mar-1996Factors that contribute to stress in care staff in residential homes for the elderlyBaillon, S; Boyle, A; Scothern, G; Neville, PG; Baillon, SJournal Article
Dec-1996Sampling for qualitative research using quantitative methods. 1. Measuring GPs' attitudes towards discussing smoking with patientsColeman, T; Williams, M; Wilson, AJournal Article
Jan-1996Night cough in a population-based sample of children: Characteristics, relation to symptoms and associations with measures of asthma severityBrooke, AM; Clarke, C; Luyt, DK; Simpson, H; Lambert, PC; Burton, PR; Simpson, HJournal Article
Apr-1996Optical survey of micrometeoroid and space debris impact features on EURECADrolshagen, G; Aceti, R; McDonnell, JAM; Kay, L; Tanner, WG; Griffiths, AD; Shrine, NG; Stevenson, TJ; Deshpande, S; Mandeville, JC; Carey, WC; Maag, CRJournal Article
1996Micro-particle impact flux on the timeband capture cell experiment of the EuReCa spacecraftGardner, DJ; Collier, I; Shrine, NRG; Griffiths, AD; McDonnell, JAMJournal Article
1996Microscopic and chemical analyses of major impact sites on timeband capture cell experiment of the EuReCa spacecraftYano, H; Collier, I; Shrine, N; McDonnell, JAMJournal Article
Dec-1996Hypertension in pregnancy: Which method of blood pressure measurement is most predictive of outcome?Halligan, A; Peek, M; Shennan, A; Lambert, PC; Taylor, DJ; De Swiet MJournal Article
Feb-1996Diurnal blood pressure difference in the assessment of preeclampsiaHalligan, A; Shennan, A; Lambert, PC; De Swiet M; Taylor, DJJournal Article
Feb-1996The costs and benefits of asking patients for their opinions about general practiceHearnshaw, H; Baker, R; Cooper, A; Eccles, M; Soper, JJournal Article