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2003A major locus conferring susceptibility to infection by Streptococcus pneumoniae in miceDenny, P.; Hopes, E.; Gingles, N.; Broman, K.W.; McPheat, W.; Morten, J.; Alexander, J.; Andrew, Peter W.; Brown, S.D.Article
May-2004Use of genome level-informed PCR as a new investigational approach for analysis of outbreak-associated mycobacterium tuberculosis isolatesRajakumar, Kumar; Shafi, Jamila; Smith, Rebecca J.; Stabler, Richard A.; Andrew, Peter W.; Modha, Deborah; Bryant, Gerry; Monk, Philip; Hinds, Jason; Butcher, Philip D.; Barer, Michael R.Article
2-Oct-2012Optimization of a direct spectrophotometric method to investigate the kinetics and inhibition of sialidases.Hayre, J.K.; Xu, G.; Borgianni, L.; Taylor, G.L.; Andrew, Peter W.; Docquier, J.D.; Oggioni, M.R.Journal Article
2006Switch from planktonic to sessile life: a major event in pneumococcal pathogenesis.Oggioni, M.R.; Trappetti, C.; Kadioglu, Aras; Cassone, M.; Iannelli, F.; Ricci, S.; Andrew, Peter W.; Pozzi, G.Article
2005Structural basis of pore formation by the bacterial toxin pneumolysin.Tilley, S.J.; Orlova, E.V.; Gilbert, R.J.C.; Andrew, Peter W.; Saibil, H.R.Article
2006Pneumococcal neuraminidases A and B both have essential roles during infection of the respiratory tract and sepsisManco, S.; Hernon, F.; Yesilkaya, Hasan; Paton, J.C.; Andrew, Peter W.; Kadioglu, ArasArticle
2006A deletion defining a common Asian lineage of Mycobacterium tuberculosis associates with immune subversion.Newton, S.M.; Smith, Rebecca J.; Wilkinson, K.A.; Nichol, M.P.; Garton, Natalie J.; Staples, Karl J.; Stewart, G.R.; Wain, J.R.; Martineau, A.R.; Fandrich, Sarah E.; Smallie, Timothy; Foxwell, Brian; Al-Obaidi, A.; Shafi, J.; Rajakumar, Kumar; Kampmann, B.; Andrew, Peter W.; Ziegler-Heitbrock, Loems; Barer, Michael R.; Wilkinson, R.J.Article
2003Pneumococcal behavior and host responses during bronchopneumonia are affected differently by the cytolytic and complement-activating activities of pneumolysinJounblat, R.; Kadioglu, Aras; Mitchell, Timothy J.; Andrew, Peter W.Article
Oct-2003Streptococcus pneumoniae damages the ciliated ependyma of the brain during meningitisHirst, Robert A.; Gosai, Bejal; Rutman, Andrew; Andrew, Peter W.; O'Callaghan, Christopher L.Article
Nov-2004Streptococcus pneumoniae-induced inhibition of rat ependymal cilia is attenuated by antipneumolysin antibodyHirst, Robert A.; Mohammed, Bashir J.; Mitchell, Timothy J.; Andrew, Peter W.; O'Callaghan, Christopher L.Article