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Oct-1993Computer-Assisted Assignment of Homonuclear 3D NMR Spectra of Proteins. Application to Pike Parvalbumin IIIKleywegt, GJ; Vuister, GW; Padilla, A; Knegtel, RMA; Boelens, R; Kaptein, RJournal Article
Oct-1993Measurement of Two- and Three-Bond Proton to Methyl-Carbon J Couplings in Proteins Uniformly Enriched with CVuister, GW; Bax, AJournal Article
Apr-1993Increased Resolution and Improved Spectral Quality in Four-Dimensional C/C-Separated HMQC-NOESY-HMQC Spectra Using Pulsed Field GradientsVuister, GW; Clore, GM; Gronenborn, AM; Powers, R; Garrett, DS; Tschudin, R; Bax, AJournal Article
May-1992Gradient-enhanced 3D NOESY-HMQC spectroscopyVuister, GW; Boelens, R; Kaptein, R; Burgering, M; van Zijl PCMJournal Article
Oct-1997Measurement of (15)N- (1)H coupling constants in uniformly (15)N-labeled proteins: Application to the photoactive yellow protein.Düx, P; Whitehead, B; Boelens, R; Kaptein, R; Vuister, GWJournal Article
Apr-2011Overview on the use of NMR to examine protein structure.Breukels, V; Konijnenberg, A; Nabuurs, SM; Doreleijers, JF; Kovalevskaya, NV; Vuister, GWJournal Article
5-Oct-19942D and 3D NMR study of phenylalanine residues in proteins by reverse isotopic labelingVuister, GW; Bax, A; Kim, S-J; Wu, C; Vuister, GWJournal Article
2001Letter to the Editor: Sequence-specific assignment of the PAH2 domain of Sin3B free and bound to Mad1 [1]Spronk, CAEM; Jansen, JFA; Tessari, M; Kaan, AM; Aelen, J; Lasonder, E; Stunnenberg, HG; Vuister, GWJournal Article
Jul-2004Concepts and tools for NMR restraint analysis and validationNabuurs, SB; Spronk, CAEM; Vriend, G; Vuister, GWJournal Article
Jul-2011Molecular mechanisms of calmodulin action on TRPV5 and modulation by parathyroid Groot T; Kovalevskaya, NV; Verkaart, S; Schilderink, N; Felici, M; van der Hagen EA; Bindels, RJ; Vuister, GW; Hoenderop, JGJournal Article