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5-Oct-19942D and 3D NMR study of phenylalanine residues in proteins by reverse isotopic labelingVuister, GW; Bax, A; Kim, S-J; Wu, C; Vuister, GWJournal Article
Apr-1997A 15n-filtered 2D 1H TOCSY experiment for assignment of aromatic ring resonances and selective identification of tyrosine ring resonances in proteins: Description and application to Photoactive Yellow Protein.Whitehead, B; Tessari, M; Düx, P; Boelens, R; Kaptein, R; Vuister, GWJournal Article
Nov-1994Resonance assignment of methionine methyl groups and χangular information from long-range proton-carbon and carbon-carbon J correlation in a calmodulin-peptide complexBax, A; Delaglio, F; Grzesiek, S; Vuister, GWJournal Article
1994Measurement of homo- and heteronuclear J couplings from quantitative J correlationBax, A; Vuister, GW; Grzesiek, S; Delaglio, F; Wang, AC; Tschudin, R; Zhu, GJournal Article
Oct-1994An Efficient Triple-Resonance Experiment for Proton-Directed Sequential Backbone Assignment of Medium-Sized ProteinsWang, AC; Lodi, PJ; Qin, J; Vuister, GW; Gronenborn, AM; Clore, GMJournal Article
May-1993Measurement of two- and three-bond C- H J couplings to the C carbons of leucine residues in staphylococcal nucleaseVuister, GW; Bax, A; Yamazaki, T; Torchia, DAJournal Article
May-1994The Impact of Direct Refinement against Three-Bond HN-CH Coupling Constants on Protein Structure Determination by NMRGarrett, DS; Kuszewski, J; Hancock, TJ; Lodi, PJ; Vuister, GW; Gronenborn, AM; Clore, GMJournal Article
Mar-1994Measurement of four-bond H-H J-couplings in staphylococcal nucleaseVuister, GW; Bax, AJournal Article
Jul-1993A simple and sensitive experiment for measurement of J couplings between backbone carbonyl and methyl carbons in isotopically enriched proteinsGrzesiek, S; Vuister, GW; Bax, AJournal Article
Jul-1998Structural and dynamic changes of photoactive yellow protein during its photocycle in solution.Rubinstenn, G; Vuister, GW; Mulder, FA; Düx, PE; Boelens, R; Hellingwerf, KJ; Kaptein, RJournal Article