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31-Dec-2012Interaction of the transactivation domain of B-Myb with the TAZ2 domain of the coactivator p300: molecular features and properties of the complex.Oka, Ojore; Waters, Lorna C.; Strong, Sarah L.; Dosanjh, Nuvjeevan S.; Veverka, Vaclav; Muskett, Frederick W.; Renshaw, Philip S.; Klempnauer, Karl-Heinz; Carr, Mark D.Journal Article
1-May-2013Characterisation of the novel melanoma associated Shc adaptor ShcD/RaLPAhmed, Samrein Babiker MohamedThesis
1-Mar-2013Investigating the role of BRAF[superscript V600E] in the serrated neoplastic pathway of colorectal cancerSnell, Kimberley RhianneThesis
1-Jun-2013Characterisation of [superscript L597V]BRAF in cancerCheung, Lai-Kay MaggieThesis
1-Oct-2013Screening protein – Single stranded RNA complexes by NMR spectroscopy for structure determinationFoot, Jaelle N.; Feracci, Mikael; Dominguez, CyrilJournal Article
1-Jan-2014Theoretical and experimental restraints to drive the docking of protein-protein complexesAlameer, Abbas F.M.A.H.Thesis
1-Jan-2014Molecular dissection of Ras protein signalling in Schizosaccharomyces pombeKelsall, Emma JaneThesis
1-Dec-2013Mechanism of action of GGA, a targeted oligonucleotide enhancer of splicing developed for the treatment of spinal muscular atrophyDickinson, Rachel LeeannaThesis
12-Mar-2012Design of potent and selective hybrid inhibitors of the mitotic kinase Nek2 : structure−activity relationship, structural biology, and cellular activityInnocenti, Paolo; Cheung, Kwai-Ming J.; Solanki, Savade; Mas-Droux, Corine; Rowan, Fiona; Yeoh, Sharon; Boxall, Kathy; Westlake, Maura; Pickard, Lisa; Hardy, Tara; Baxter, Joanne E.; Aherne, G. Wynne; Bayliss, Richard; Fry, Andrew M.; Hoelder, SwenJournal Article
2-May-2013EGF-induced centrosome separation promotes mitotic progression and cell survivalMardin, Balca R.; Isokane, Mayumi; Cosenza, Marco R.; Kräemer, Alwin; Ellenberg, Jan; Fry, Andrew M.; Schiebel, ElmarJournal Article