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15-Oct-2004The centrosomal kinase Nek2 displays elevated levels of protein expression in human breast cancer.Hayward, DG; Clarke, RB; Faragher, AJ; Pillai, MR; Hagan, IM; Fry, AMJournal Article
18-Jun-2006Nek2 kinase in chromosome instability and cancer.Hayward, DG; Fry, AMJournal Article
15-Jul-2006APC/C-mediated degradation in early mitosis - How to avoid spindle assembly checkpoint inhibitionFry, AM; Yamano, HJournal Article
15-Jan-2004Nek2B stimulates zygotic centrosome assembly in Xenopus laevis in a kinase-independent mannerTwomey, C; Wattam, SL; Pillai, MR; Rapley, J; Baxter, JE; Fry, AM; Twomey, C; Pillai, MRJournal Article
Oct-2006Sealed with a Kiz: How Plk1 ensures spindle pole integrity.Fry, AM; Baxter, JEJournal Article
1-Feb-2008Pix1 and Pix2 are novel WD40 microtubule-associated proteins that colocalize with mitochondria in Xenopus germ plasm and centrosomes in human cells.Hames, RS; Hames, R; Prosser, SL; Euteneuer, U; Lopes, CA; Moore, W; Woodland, HR; Fry, AMJournal Article
15-Feb-2005Xenopus polo-like kinase Plx1 regulates XErp1, a novel inhibitor of APC/C activitySchmidt, A; Rauh, NR; Mayer, TU; Duncan, PI; Sauer, G; Nigg, EA; Fry, AM; Duncan, PIJournal Article
1-May-2005RPGR ORF15 isoform co-localizes with RPGRIP1 at centrioles and basal bodies and interacts with nucleophosminShu, X; Tulloch, B; Manson, FDC; Lennon, A; Vervoort, R; Wright, AF; Fry, AM; Faragher, AJ; Crabb, JW; Khanna, H; He, S; Swaroop, A; Trojan, P; Giessl, A; Wolfrum, U; Manson, FDCJournal Article
1-Jan-2002Alternative splice variants of the human centrosome kinase Nek2 exhibit distinct patterns of expression in mitosisHames, RS; Fry, AMJournal Article
2-Mar-2007Structure and regulation of the human Nek2 centrosomal kinaseRellos, P; Pike, A; Das, S; Fedorov, O; Knapp, S; Ivins, FJ; Nott, TJ; Howell, S; Smerdon, SJ; Baxter, JE; Parkinson, D-M; Qi, YS; Fry, AMJournal Article