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Feb-1999NMR spectroscopy in structure-based drug designRoberts, GCKJournal Article
15-Dec-1999H-1-N-15 HMQC for the identification of metal-bound histidines in Cd-113-substituted Bacillus cereus zinc beta-lactamaseDamblon, C; Prosperi, C; Lian, LY; Barsukov, I; Soto, RP; Galleni, M; Frere, JM; Roberts, GCKJournal Article
4-Oct-1996The conformation of coenzyme a bound to chloramphenicol acetyltransferase determined by transferred NOE experimentsBarsukov, IL; Lian, L-Y; Ellis, J; Sze, K-H; Shaw, WV; Roberts, GCKJournal Article
15-Feb-1996Calculation of the reaction pathway for the aromatic ring flip in methotrexate complexed to dihydrofolate reductaseVerma, CS; Fischer, S; Caves, LSD; Roberts, GCK; Hubbard, REJournal Article
Oct-2008Multiple substrate binding by cytochrome P450 3A4: Estimation of the number of bound substrate moleculesKapelyukh, Y; Paine, MJI; Wolf, CR; Wolf, CR; Roberts, GCK; Maréchal, J-D; Sutcliffe, MJ; Paine, MJI; Maréchal, J-D; Sutcliffe, MJ; Roberts, GCKJournal Article
Mar-1995An Isotope-Filtered Experiment with Antiphase Cancellation by Decoupling (ACD) Applied to a Large ProteinYang, JC; Ramesh, V; Roberts, GCKJournal Article
20-Mar-1998The solution structure of the complex of Lactobacillus casei dihydrofolate reductase with methotrexateGargaro, AR; Soteriou, A; Birdsall, B; Feeney, J; Frenkiel, TA; Bauer, CJ; Polshakov, VI; Barsukov, IL; Roberts, GCKJournal Article
1995NMR studies of substrate binding to cytochrome P(450 BM3): Comparisons to cytochrome P(450 cam)Modi, S; Primrose, WU; Boyle, JMB; Gibson, CF; Lian, L-Y; Roberts, GCKJournal Article
Jul-1997H-1,N-15 and C-13 NMR resonance assignment, secondary structure and global fold of the FMN-binding domain of human cytochrome P450 reductaseBarsukov, I; Modi, S; Lian, LY; Sze, KH; Paine, MJI; Wolf, CR; Roberts, GCKJournal Article
1994The interactions of Escherichia coli trp repressor with tryptophan and with an operator oligonucleotide. NMR studies using selectively N-labelled proteinRamesh, V; Frederick, RO; Syed, SEH; Gibson, CF; Yang, J-C; Roberts, GCKJournal Article