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26-Jun-2012Failure of Translation of Human Adenovirus mRNA in Murine Cancer Cells Can be Partially Overcome by L4-100K Expression In Vitro and In VivoYoung, A-M; Archibald, KM; Tookman, LA; Pool, A; Williams, SL; Pirlo, KJ; Lockley, M; McNeish, IA; Dudek, K; Jones, C; Willis, AEJournal Article
Jan-2008Identification of Internal Ribosome Entry Segment (IRES)-trans-acting factors for the Myc family of IRESsCobbold, LC; Spriggs, KA; Haines, SJ; Dobbyn, HC; De Moor CH; Bushell, M; Willis, AE; Hayes, C; Lilley, KS; Willis, AEJournal Article
1-Feb-2001Phosphorylation of elongation factor-2 kinase on serine 499 by cAMP-dependent protein kinase induces Ca(2+)/calmodulin-independent activityDiggle, TA; Subkhankulova, T; Lilley, KS; Shikotra, N; Willis, AE; Redpath, NTJournal Article
18-Dec-2011Translational profiling of multiple myeloma cell lines RPMI8226 and 8226/R5 to discover novel markers of disease and drug resistanceWilson, LA; Cobbold, LC; Willis, AEJournal Article
18-Dec-2011Dio3 mRNA is translationally down-regulated with drug-induced liver damageDudek, KM; Marczylo, EL; Suter-Dick, L; Willis, AE; Gant, TWJournal Article
May-2011The biological and therapeutic relevance of mRNA translation in cancerBlagden, SP; Willis, AEJournal Article
Aug-2004Translation inhibition during the induction of apoptosis: RNA or protein degradation?Bushell, M; Stoneley, M; Sarnow, P; Willis, AEJournal Article
24-May-2012Sustained translational repression by eIF2α-P mediates prion neurodegeneration.Moreno, JA; Radford, H; Peretti, D; Steinert, JR; Verity, N; Martin, MG; Halliday, M; Morgan, J; Dinsdale, D; Ortori, CA; Barrett, DA; Tsaytler, P; Bertolotti, A; Willis, AE; Bushell, M; Mallucci, GRJournal Article
2009Viral Strategies to Subvert the Mammalian Translation MachineryRoberts, LO; Jopling, CL; Jackson, RJ; Willis, AEJournal Article
Dec-2010The involvement of microRNAs in Type 2 diabetes.Ferland-McCollough, D; Ozanne, SE; Siddle, K; Willis, AE; Bushell, MJournal Article