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24-Nov-2010STAT6 transcription factor is a facilitator of the nuclear receptor PPARγ-regulated gene expression in macrophages and dendritic cells.Szanto, A; Balint, BL; Nagy, ZS; Barta, E; Dezso, B; Pap, A; Szeles, L; Poliska, S; Oros, M; Evans, RM; Barak, Y; Schwabe, J; Nagy, LJournal Article
5-Feb-2010A pocket on the surface of the N-terminal BRCT domain of Mcph1 is required to prevent abnormal chromosome condensation.Richards, MW; Leung, JW; Roe, SM; Li, K; Chen, J; Bayliss, RJournal Article
29-Oct-1999Interaction between NTF2 and xFxFG-containing nucleoporins is required to mediate nuclear import of RanGDP.Bayliss, R; Ribbeck, K; Akin, D; Kent, HM; Feldherr, CM; Görlich, D; Stewart, MJournal Article
Jul-2013Stra6, a retinoic acid-responsive gene, participates in p53-induced apoptosis after DNA damage.Carrera, Samantha; Cuadrado-Castano, S; Samuel, Jesvin; Jones, G. Don; Villar, E; Lee, S W; Macip, SalvadorJournal Article
Dec-2000Disruption of the talin gene arrests mouse development at the gastrulation stage.Monkley, SJ; Zhou, XH; Kinston, SJ; Giblett, SM; Hemmings, L; Priddle, H; Brown, JE; Pritchard, CA; Critchley, DR; Fässler, RJournal Article
11-Dec-2007Small-angle X-ray scattering and NMR studies of the conformation of the PDZ region of SAP97 and its interactions with Kir2.1.Goult, BT; Rapley, JD; Dart, C; Kitmitto, A; Grossmann, JG; Leyland, ML; Lian, LYJournal Article
1-Aug-2004HB-EGF is a potent inducer of tumor growth and angiogenesis.Ongusaha, PP; Kwak, JC; Zwible, AJ; Macip, S; Higashiyama, S; Taniguchi, N; Fang, L; Lee, SWJournal Article
Nov-2009Talin 1 and 2 are required for myoblast fusion, sarcomere assembly and the maintenance of myotendinous junctions.Conti, FJ; Monkley, SJ; Wood, MR; Critchley, DR; Müller, UJournal Article
24-May-2012Sustained translational repression by eIF2α-P mediates prion neurodegeneration.Moreno, JA; Radford, H; Peretti, D; Steinert, JR; Verity, N; Martin, MG; Halliday, M; Morgan, J; Dinsdale, D; Ortori, CA; Barrett, DA; Tsaytler, P; Bertolotti, A; Willis, AE; Bushell, M; Mallucci, GRJournal Article
24-Mar-2011Benzimidazole inhibitors induce a DFG-out conformation of never in mitosis gene A-related kinase 2 (Nek2) without binding to the back pocket and reveal a nonlinear structure-activity relationship.Solanki, S; Innocenti, P; Mas-Droux, C; Boxall, K; Barillari, C; van Montfort RL; Aherne, GW; Bayliss, R; Hoelder, SJournal Article