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24-Sep-1997Quantitative measurement of relaxation interference effects between H(N) CSA and H-N dipolar interaction: Correlation with secondary structureVis, H; Tessari, M; Vis, H; Boelens, R; Kaptein, R; Vuister, GWJournal Article
31-Aug-1999The EH1 domain of Eps15 is structurally classified as a member of the S100 subclass of EF-hand-containing proteins.Whitehead, B; Tessari, M; Carotenuto, A; van Bergen en Henegouwen PM; Vuister, GWJournal Article
Dec-2000The Mad1-Sin3B interaction involves a novel helical fold.Spronk, CA; Tessari, M; Kaan, AM; Jansen, JF; Vermeulen, M; Stunnenberg, HG; Vuister, GWJournal Article
8-Mar-2002Structure, dynamics and binding characteristics of the second PDZ domain of PTP-BL.Walma, T; Spronk, CA; Tessari, M; Aelen, J; Schepens, J; Hendriks, W; Vuister, GWJournal Article
2002A two-dimensional artifact from asynchronous decouplingVan Ingen H; Vuister, GW; Tessari, MJournal Article
1-Oct-2002A 3D doubly sensitivity enhanced X-filtered TOCSY-TOCSY experimentvan Ingen H; Tessari, M; Vuister, GWJournal Article
10-Aug-2004Cold shock domain of the human Y-box protein YB-1. Backbone dynamics and equilibrium between the native state and a partially unfolded state.Kloks, CP; Tessari, M; Vuister, GW; Hilbers, CWJournal Article
29-Mar-2006CEESY: characterizing the conformation of unobservable protein states.van Ingen H; Vuister, GW; Wijmenga, S; Tessari, MJournal Article
2001Letter to the Editor: Sequence-specific assignment of the PAH2 domain of Sin3B free and bound to Mad1 [1]Spronk, CAEM; Jansen, JFA; Tessari, M; Kaan, AM; Aelen, J; Lasonder, E; Stunnenberg, HG; Vuister, GWJournal Article
Apr-1997A 15n-filtered 2D 1H TOCSY experiment for assignment of aromatic ring resonances and selective identification of tyrosine ring resonances in proteins: Description and application to Photoactive Yellow Protein.Whitehead, B; Tessari, M; Düx, P; Boelens, R; Kaptein, R; Vuister, GWJournal Article