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1-May-1998Different subcellular distribution of caspase-3 and caspase-7 following Fas-induced apoptosis in mouse liverChandler, JM; Cohen, GM; MacFarlane, MJournal Article
10-Oct-1997Identification and molecular cloning of two novel receptors for the cytotoxic ligand TRAILMacFarlane, M; Ahmad, M; Srinivasula, SM; Fernandes-Alnemri, T; Alnemri, ES; Cohen, GM; Alnemri, ESJournal Article
28-Dec-1998Release of mitochondrial cytochrome c is upstream of caspase activation in chemical-induced apoptosis in human monocytic tumour cellsZhuang, J; Cohen, GMJournal Article
1993A novel role for carboxylesterase in the elevation of cellular cysteine by esters of cysteineButterworth, M; Upshall, DG; Cohen, GMJournal Article
1-Oct-1998Processing/activation of caspases, -3 and -7 and -8 but not caspase-2, in the induction of apoptosis in B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia cellsKing, D; Pringle, JH; Hutchinson, M; Cohen, GMJournal Article
1-Mar-1998The adenomatous polyposis coli protein and retinoblastoma protein are cleaved early in apoptosis and are potential substrates for caspasesBrowne, SJ; MacFarlane, M; Cohen, GM; Paraskeva, CJournal Article
1994DNA fragmentation into 200-250 and/or 30-50 kilobase pair fragments in rat liver nuclei is stimulated by Mg alone and Ca/Mg but not by Ca aloneCain, K; Inayat-Hussain, SH; Wolfe, JT; Cohen, GMJournal Article
1994Changes in nuclear chromatin precede internucleosomal DNA cleavage in the induction of apoptosis by etoposideSun, X-M; Snowden, RT; Dinsdale, D; Ormerod, MG; Cohen, GMJournal Article
1994Dexamethasone and etoposide induce apoptosis in rat thymocytes from different phases of the cell cycleFearnhead, HO; Chwalinski, M; Snowden, RT; Ormerod, MG; Cohen, GMJournal Article
1994The comparative toxicity of chlorambucil and chlorambucil-spermidine conjugate to BALB/c miceVerschoyle, RD; Carthew, P; Holley, JL; Cohen, GM; Cullis, PJournal Article