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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
1992Determination of the solution structures of domains II and III of protein G from Streptococcus by H nuclear magnetic resonanceLian, L-Y; Derrick, JP; Sutcliffe, MJ; Yang, JC; Roberts, GCKJournal Article
Nov-1992The erbB-3 gene in human pancreatic cancer.Lemoine, NR; Lobresco, M; Leung, H; Barton, C; Hughes, CM; Prigent, SA; Gullick, WJ; Klöppel, GJournal Article
May-1992Application of 2D and 3D NMR experiments to the conformational study of a diantennary oligosaccharidede Waard P; Leeflang, BR; Vliegenthart, JFG; Boelens, R; Vuister, GW; Kaptein, RJournal Article
Jul-1992Measurement of two-bond J coupling constants in proteins uniformly enriched withCVuister, GW; Bax, AJournal Article
1992Solution structures of two zinc-finger domains from SW15 obtained using two-dimensional H nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. A zinc-finger structure with a third strand of β-sheetNeuhaus, D; Nakaseko, Y; Schwabe, JWR; Klug, AJournal Article
May-1992Gradient-enhanced 3D NOESY-HMQC spectroscopyVuister, GW; Boelens, R; Kaptein, R; Burgering, M; van Zijl PCMJournal Article
1992Differential gene expression in benign and malignant human breast tumours.Sharp, Matthew George Frederick.-
1992Characterisation of the component(s) responsible for the trypsin-like activity of the multicatalytic proteinase.Savory, Peter John.-
1992Analysis of cloned aromatic catabolic genes from Klebsiella pneumaniae.Robson, Neil David.-