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May-1998The effect of a low-protein diet and dietary supplementation of threonine on tyrosine and 2-(2-nitro-4-trifluoromethylbenzoyl) cyclohexane- 1,3-dione-induced corneal lesions, the extent of tyrosinemia, and the activity of enzymes involved in tyrosine catabolism in the ratLock, EA; Gaskin, P; Ellis, MK; Robinson, M; Provan, WM; Smith, LL; Gaskin, P; Ellis, MK; Smith, LLJournal Article
27-Nov-1998Ligand-induced conformational change in penicillin acylase.Done, SH; Brannigan, JA; Moody, PC; Hubbard, REJournal Article
1998The structure, conformation and mechanism of the bacterial toxin pneumolysin from Streptococcus pneumoniaeGilbert, Robert John CrispinThesis
Apr-1998All wrapped upChoo, Y; Schwabe, JWRJournal Article
22-Oct-1998Signal transduction: Fast lane to transcriptional activationRhodes, D; Schwabe, JWRJournal Article
Jul-1998Modification of splicing in the dystrophin gene in cultured Mdx muscle cells by antisense oligoribonucleotidesDunckley, MG; Dickson, G; Manoharan, M; Villiet, P; Eperon, IC; Dunckley, MGJournal Article
28-Dec-1998Release of mitochondrial cytochrome c is upstream of caspase activation in chemical-induced apoptosis in human monocytic tumour cellsZhuang, J; Cohen, GMJournal Article
Jul-1998Structural and dynamic changes of photoactive yellow protein during its photocycle in solution.Rubinstenn, G; Vuister, GW; Mulder, FA; Düx, PE; Boelens, R; Hellingwerf, KJ; Kaptein, RJournal Article
1998Regulation of eukaryotic translational initiation in transformed and differentiation inducible haemopoietic cell linesColes, Lucy Clare.Thesis
1998Investigating the mechanism and energy coupling of DNA gyraseSmith, Clare Victoria.Thesis