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1999Tamoxifen induces G:C→T:A mutations in the cII gene in the liver of lambda/lacI transgenic rats but not at 5'-CpG-3' dinucleotide sequences as found in the lacI transgeneDavies, R; Gant, TW; Smith, LL; Styles, JAJournal Article
1999Compartmentalized uterotrophic effects of tamoxifen, toremifene, and estradiol in the ovariectomized Wistar (Han) ratCarthew, P; Edwards, RE; Nolan, BM; Tucker, MJ; Smith, LLJournal Article
23-Dec-1999Dominant negative mutations in human PPARγ associated with severe insulin resistance, diabetes mellitus and hypertensionBarroso, I; Maslen, GL; Schafer, AJ; Gurnell, M; Crowley, VEF; Agostini, M; Soos, MA; Chatterjee, VKK; O'Rahilly, S; Crowley, VEF; Soos, MA; O'Rahilly, S; Schwabe, JW; Williams, TDM; Lewis, HJournal Article
29-Oct-1999Interaction between NTF2 and xFxFG-containing nucleoporins is required to mediate nuclear import of RanGDP.Bayliss, R; Ribbeck, K; Akin, D; Kent, HM; Feldherr, CM; Görlich, D; Stewart, MJournal Article
Feb-1999NMR spectroscopy in structure-based drug designRoberts, GCKJournal Article
15-Dec-1999H-1-N-15 HMQC for the identification of metal-bound histidines in Cd-113-substituted Bacillus cereus zinc beta-lactamaseDamblon, C; Prosperi, C; Lian, LY; Barsukov, I; Soto, RP; Galleni, M; Frere, JM; Roberts, GCKJournal Article
Oct-1999Analysis and characterization of data from twinned crystalsChandra, N; Moody, PCE; Chandra, N; Ravi Acharya KJournal Article
24-Dec-1999The effect of matrix metalloproteinase complex formation on the conformational mobility of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-2 (TIMP-2)Williamson, RA; Muskett, FW; Howard, MJ; Freedman, RB; Carr, MD; Muskett, FW; Howard, MJJournal Article
23-Nov-1999The interface between caldesmon domain 4b and subdomain 1 of actin studied by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyGao, Y; Patchell, VB; Huber, PAJ; Copeland, O; El-Mezgueldi, M; Fattoum, A; Calas, B; Thorsted, PB; Marston, SB; Levine, BAJournal Article
15-Dec-1999Mechanism of corepressor binding and release from nuclear hormone receptorsLove, JD; Gooch, JT; Schwabe, JWR; Banayo, E; Evans, RM; Nagy, L; Kao, H-Y; Li, C; Banayo, E; Evans, RM; Schwabe, JWR; Love, JD; Chatterjee, K; Nagy, L; Krishna, VJournal Article