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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
5-Feb-2010A pocket on the surface of the N-terminal BRCT domain of Mcph1 is required to prevent abnormal chromosome condensation.Richards, MW; Leung, JW; Roe, SM; Li, K; Chen, J; Bayliss, RJournal Article
1-Aug-2010An analysis of substrate binding interactions in the heme peroxidase enzymes: a structural perspective.Gumiero, A; Murphy, EJ; Metcalfe, CL; Moody, PC; Raven, ELJournal Article
10-Dec-2010Structural basis of poly(ADP-ribose) recognition by the multizinc binding domain of checkpoint with forkhead-associated and RING Domains (CHFR).Oberoi, J; Richards, MW; Crumpler, S; Brown, N; Blagg, J; Bayliss, RJournal Article
17-Mar-2010Structure of a double ubiquitin-like domain in the talin head: a role in integrin activation.Goult, BT; Bouaouina, M; Elliott, PR; Bate, N; Patel, B; Gingras, AR; Grossmann, JG; Roberts, GC; Calderwood, DA; Critchley, DR; Barsukov, ILJournal Article
13-Oct-2010The structure of the talin/integrin complex at a lipid bilayer: an NMR and MD simulation study.Kalli, AC; Wegener, KL; Goult, BT; Anthis, NJ; Campbell, ID; Sansom, MSJournal Article
5-Aug-2014Diverse Functionalization of Aurora-A Kinase at Specified Surface and Buried Sites by Native Chemical ModificationRowan, F.; Richards, M.; Widya, M.; Bayliss, Richard; Blagg, J.Journal Article
2-Dec-2011The structure and selectivity of the SR protein SRSF2 RRM domain with RNA.Phelan, M. M.; Goult, B. T.; Clayton, J. C.; Hautbergue, G. M.; Wilson, S. A.; Lian, L. Y.Journal Article
4-Apr-2012Talin contains a C-terminal calpain2 cleavage site important in focal adhesion dynamics.Bate, N.; Gingras, A. R.; Bachir, A.; Horwitz, R.; Ye, F.; Patel, B.; Goult, B. T.; Critchley, D. R.Journal Article