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11-May-2015Nek5 promotes centrosome integrity in interphase and loss of centrosome cohesion in mitosisProsser, Suzanna L.; Sahota, Navdeep K.; Pelletier, L.; Morrison, C. G.; Fry, Andrew M.Journal Article
18-Apr-2015Molecular mechanisms of human IRE1 activation through dimerization and ligand bindingJoshi, Amar; Newbatt, Y; McAndrew, P. C.; Stubbs, M.; Burke, R.; Richards, Mark W.; Bhatia, Chitra; Caldwell, J. J.; McHardy, T.; Collins, I.; Bayliss, RichardJournal Article
30-Apr-2015The Ys and wherefores of protein kinase autoinhibitionBayliss, Richard; Haq, Tamanna; Yeoh, SharonJournal Article
4-May-2015Hsp72 is targeted to the mitotic spindle by Nek6 to promote K-fiber assembly and mitotic progression.O'Regan, Laura; Sampson, Josephina; Richards, Mark W.; Knebel, A.; Roth, D.; Hood, F. E.; Straube, A.; Royle, S. J.; Bayliss, Richard; Fry, Andrew M.Journal Article
23-Jun-2014The organization of RNA contacts by PTB for regulation of FAS splicingMickleburgh, I.; Kafasla, P.; Cherny, Dmitry; Llorian, M.; Curry, S.; Jackson, R. J.; Smith, C. W.Journal Article
2014Mechanical activation of vinculin binding to talin locks talin in an unfolded conformation.Yao, M.; Goult, Benjamin T.; Chen, H.; Cong, P.; Sheetz, M. P.; Yan, J.Journal Article
20-Nov-2014Characterization of novel markers of senescence and their prognostic potential in cancer.Althubiti, M.; Lezina, L.; Carrera, S.; Jukes-Jones, R.; Giblett, S. M.; Antonov, A.; Barlev, N.; Saldanha, G. S.; Pritchard, C. A.; Cain, K.; Macip, S.Journal Article
24-Jul-2014DJ-1 interactions with α-synuclein attenuate aggregation and cellular toxicity in models of Parkinson's disease.Zondler, L.; Miller-Fleming, L.; Repici, M.; Gonçalves, S.; Tenreiro, S.; Rosado-Ramos, R.; Betzer, C.; Straatman, K. R.; Jensen, P. H.; Giorgini, F.; Outeiro, T. F.Journal Article
1997DNA gyrase can cleave short DNA fragments in the presence of quinolone drugsCove, Matthew E.; Tingey, Andrew P.; Maxwell, AnthonyJournal Article
15-Oct-1996Probing the role of the ATP-operated clamp in the strand-passage reaction of DNA gyraseTingey, Andrew P.; Maxwell, AnthonyJournal Article
5-Mar-2015Microtubule association of EML proteins and the EML4-ALK variant 3 oncoprotein require an N-terminal trimerization domain.Richards, Mark W.; O'Regan, Laura; Roth, D.; Montgomery, Jessica M.; Straube, A.; Fry, Andrew M.; Bayliss, R.Journal Article
16-Jan-2015TACC3-ch-TOG track the growing tips of microtubules independently of clathrin and Aurora-A phosphorylation.Gutiérrez-Caballero, C.; Burgess, Selena G.; Bayliss, Richard; Royle, Stephen J.Journal Article
2015The structure of C290A:C393A Aurora A provides structural insights into kinase regulationBurgess, Selena G.; Bayliss, RichardJournal Article
26-Aug-2014Mitotic phosphorylation of SUN1 loosens its connection with the nuclear lamina while the LINC complex remains intact.Patel, Jennifer T.; Bottrill, Andrew; Prosser, Suzanna L.; Jayaraman, Sangeetha; Straatman, Kees; Fry, Andrew M.; Shackleton, SueJournal Article
11-Sep-2014Muscular dystrophy-associated SUN1 and SUN2 variants disrupt nuclear-cytoskeletal connections and myonuclear organization.Meinke, P.; Mattioli, E.; Haque, Farhana; Antoku, S.; Columbaro, M.; Straatman, Kees R.; Worman, H. J.; Gundersen, G. G.; Lattanzi, G.; Wehnert, M.; Shackleton, SueJournal Article
24-Jan-2013Precision medicines for B-cell leukaemias and lymphomas; progress and potential pitfalls.Dyer, Martin J. S.; Vogler, Meike; Samuel, Jesvin; Jayne, Sandrine; Wagner, Simon; Pritchard, Catrin; Macip, SalvadorJournal Article
2-Sep-2014OFD1 and flotillins are integral components of a ciliary signaling protein complex organized by polycystins in renal epithelia and odontoblasts.Jerman, S.; Ward, H. H.; Lee, R.; Lopes, Carla A. M.; Fry, Andrew M.; MacDougall, M.; Wandinger-Ness, A.Journal Article
Jan-2015Structure calculation, refinement and validation using CcpNmr AnalysisSkinner, Simon P.; Goult, Benjamin T.; Fogh, Rasmus H.; Boucher, W.; Stevens, T. J.; Laue, E. D.; Vuister, Geerten W.Journal Article
Jul-2013Stra6, a retinoic acid-responsive gene, participates in p53-induced apoptosis after DNA damage.Carrera, Samantha; Cuadrado-Castano, S; Samuel, Jesvin; Jones, G. Don; Villar, E; Lee, S W; Macip, SalvadorJournal Article
5-Dec-2014Towards synthesizing executable models in biologyPiterman, Nir; Bodik, Rastislav; Fisher, JasminJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 940
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