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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
17-Jun-2008Purification and properties of Rhizobial DehL expressed in Escherichia coliHuyop, F.; Rashid, N. A.; Wahab, R. A. B.; Cooper, Ronald A.Journal Article
21-Aug-2014Structural and Biochemical Characterization of the Cop9 Signalosome CSN5/CSN6 HeterodimerBirol, M.; Enchev, R. I.; Padilla, A.; Stengel, F.; Aebersold, R.; Betzi, S.; Yang, Y.; Hoh, F.; Peter, M.; Dumas, C.; Echalier, Aude Marie Pauline ChristineJournal Article
27-Aug-2014Targeting BCL2-Proteins for the Treatment of Solid TumoursVogler, MeikeJournal Article
2-Nov-2015Mechanistic basis of Nek7 activation through Nek9 binding and induced dimerizationHaq, Tamanna; Richards, Mark W.; Burgess, Selena G.; Gallego, Pablo; Yeoh, Sharon; O'Regan, Laura; Reverter, David; Roig, Joan; Fry, Andrew M.; Bayliss, RichardJournal Article
16-Oct-2014Recombinant protein expression for structural biology in HEK 293F suspension cells: a novel and accessible approachPortolano, Nicola; Watson, Peter J.; Fairall, Louise; Millard, Christopher J.; Milano, Charles P..; Song, Yun; Cowley, Shaun M.; Schwabe, John W.RJournal Article
29-Oct-2014Towards an understanding of the structure and function of MTA1Millard, Christopher J.; Fairall, Louise; Schwabe, John W. R.Journal Article
12-Sep-2013The splicing landscape is globally reprogrammed during male meiosisSchmid, Ralf; Grellscheid, S. N.; Ehrmann, I.; Dalgliesh, C.; Danilenko, M.; Paronetto, M. P.; Pedrotti, S.; Grellscheid, D.; Dixon, R. J.; Sette, C.; Eperon, Ian C.; Elliott, D. J.Journal Article
19-Mar-2013MBNL1 and PTB cooperate to repress splicing of Tpm1 exon 3Gooding, C.; Edge, C.; Lorenz, M.; Coelho, M. B.; Winters, M.; Kaminski, C. F.; Cherny, Dmitry; Eperon, Ian C.; Smith, C. W.Journal Article
17-Apr-2015Molecular basis of sugar recognition by collectin-K1 and the effects of mutations associated with 3MC syndrome.Venkatraman Girija, Umakhanth; Furze, Christopher M.; Gingras, Alexandre R.; Yoshizaki, T.; Ohtani, K.; Marshall, Jamie E.; Wallis, A. K.; Schwaeble, Wilhelm Jl; El-Mezgueldi, Mohammed; Mitchell, D. A.; Moody, Peter C. E.; Wakamiya, N.; Wallis, RussellJournal Article
5-Aug-2014Diverse Functionalization of Aurora-A Kinase at Specified Surface and Buried Sites by Native Chemical ModificationRowan, F.; Richards, M.; Widya, M.; Bayliss, Richard; Blagg, J.Journal Article
12-Dec-2013miR-16 and miR-26a target checkpoint kinases Wee1 and Chk1 in response to p53 activation by genotoxic stressLezina, L.; Purmessur, N.; Antonov, A. V.; Ivanova, T.; Karpova, E.; Krishan, K.; Ivan, M.; Aksenova, V.; Tentler, D.; Garabadgiu, A. V.; Melino, G.; Barlev, Nickolai A.Journal Article
15-Jul-2014Mir-208 promotes cell proliferation by repressing SOX6 expression in human esophageal squamous cell carcinomaXiong, Shiqiu; Li, H.; Zheng, D.; Zhang, B.; Liu, L.; Ou, J.; Chen, W.; Gu, Y.; Yang, J.Journal Article
3-Mar-2014Sabutoclax (BI97C1) and BI112D1, putative inhibitors of MCL-1, induce mitochondrial fragmentation either upstream of or independent of apoptosis.Varadarajan, S.; Butterworth, M.; Wei, J.; Pellecchia, M.; Dinsdale, D.; Cohen, G. M.Journal Article
11-Apr-2012Mining genomes of marine cyanobacteria for elements of zinc homeostasisBarnett, J. P.; Millard, A.; Ksibe, A. Z.; Scanlan, D. J.; Schmid, R.; Blindauer, C. A.Journal Article
20-Dec-2011Mechanotransduction In Vivo by Repeated Talin Stretch-Relaxation Events Depends upon VinculinBate, N.; Margadant, F.; Chew, L. L.; Hu, X.; Yu, H.; Zhang, X.; Sheetz, M.Journal Article
8-May-2015Differential requirements of singleplex and multiplex recombineering of large DNA constructsReddy, Thimma R.; Kelsall, Emma J.; Fevat, Léna M. S.; Munson, Sarah E.; Cowley, Shaun M.Journal Article
24-Mar-2015Lambda red mediated gap repair utilizes a novel replicative intermediate in Escherichia coliReddy, Thimma R.; Fevat, Léna M. S.; Munson, Sarah E.; Stewart, A. Francis; Cowley, Shaun M.Journal Article
14-Jun-2015The second round of Critical Assessment of Automated Structure Determination of Proteins by NMR: CASD-NMR-2013Rosato, A.; Vranken, W; Fogh, Rasmus H.; Ragan, Timothy J.; Tejero, R.; Pederson, K.; Lee, H. W.; Prestegard, J. H.; Yee, A.; Wu, B.; Lemak, A.; Houliston, S.; Arrowsmith, C. H.; Kennedy, M.; Acton, T. B.; Xiao, R.; Liu, G.; Montelione, G. T.; Vuister, Geerten W.Journal Article
16-Jul-2015The cholesterol-binding protein NPC2 restrains recruitment of stromal macrophage-lineage cells to early-stage lung tumoursKamata, Tamihiro; Jin, Hong; Giblett, Susan; Patel, Bipin; Patel, Falguni; Foster, Charles; Pritchard, CatrinJournal Article
2-Jul-2015Aurora-A-dependent control of TACC3 influences the rate of mitotic spindle assemblyBurgess, Selena G.; Peset, I.; Joseph, N.; Cavazza, T.; Vernos, I.; Pfuhl, M.; Gergely, F.; Bayliss, RichardJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 969
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