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Title: Existence of a Condorcet winner when views have other-regarding preferences
Authors: Dhami, Sanjit
al-Nowaihi, Ali
First Published: Nov-2007
Publisher: Dept. of Economics, University of Leicester
Abstract: In standard political economy models, voters are 'self-interested' i.e. care only about 'own' utility. However, the emerging evidence indicates that voters often have 'other-regarding preferences'(ORP), i.e., in deciding among alternative policies voters care about their payo¤s relative to others. We extend a widely used general equilibrium framework in political economy to allow for voters with ORP, as in Fehr- Schmidt (1999). In line with the evidence, these preferences allow voters to exhibit 'envy' and 'altruism', in addition to the standard concern for 'own utility'. We give sufficient conditions for the existence of a Condorcet winner when voters have ORP. This could open the way for an incorporation of ORP in a variety of political economy models. Furthermore, as a corollary, we give more general conditions for the existence of a Condorcet winner when voters have purely selfish preferences.
Series/Report no.: Papers in Economics
Type: Report
Description: Updated June 2008
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