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22-Dec-2009Polymorphic social organization in an ant.Gill, RJ; Arce, A; Keller, L; Hammond, RLJournal Article
22-Jan-2002Ant workers selfishly bias sex ratios by manipulating female development.Hammond, RL; Bruford, MW; Bourke, AFJournal Article
7-Dec-2003Immune response inhibits associative learning in insects.Mallon, EB; Brockmann, A; Schmid-Hempel, PJournal Article
Mar-2005Analysis of the virus population present in equine faeces indicates the presence of hundreds of uncharacterized virus genomes.Cann, AJ; Fandrich, SE; Heaphy, SJournal Article
22-May-2011Workers influence royal reproduction.Gill, RJ; Hammond, RLJournal Article
Apr-2010Life after meiosis: patterning the angiosperm male gametophyte.Borg, M; Twell, DJournal Article
2011Reduction of complex signaling networks to a representative kernel.Kim, JR; Kim, J; Kwon, YK; Lee, HY; Heslop-Harrison, P; Cho, KHJournal Article
Sep-2004Expression patterns of a novel AtCHX gene family highlight potential roles in osmotic adjustment and K+ homeostasis in pollen development.Sze, H; Padmanaban, S; Cellier, F; Honys, D; Cheng, NH; Bock, KW; Conéjéro, G; Li, X; Twell, D; Ward, JM; Hirschi, KDJournal Article
2006Physical organization of the 1.709 satellite IV DNA family in Bovini and Tragelaphini tribes of the Bovidae: sequence and chromosomal evolution.Adega, F; Chaves, R; Guedes-Pinto, H; Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
Jun-2009Computational modelling suggests dynamic interactions between Ca2+, IP3 and G protein-coupled modules are key to robust Dictyostelium aggregation.Valeyev, NV; Kim, JS; Heslop-Harrison, JS; Postlethwaite, I; Kotov, NV; Bates, DGJournal Article