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7-Jun-2005Differential gene expression in queen-worker caste determination in bumble-bees.Pereboom, JJ; Jordan, WC; Sumner, S; Hammond, RL; Bourke, AFJournal Article
Mar-2005Analysis of the virus population present in equine faeces indicates the presence of hundreds of uncharacterized virus genomes.Cann, AJ; Fandrich, SE; Heaphy, SJournal Article
Feb-2008DNA aptamers against the MUC1 tumour marker: design of aptamer-antibody sandwich ELISA for the early diagnosis of epithelial tumours.Ferreira, CS; Papamichael, K; Guilbault, G; Schwarzacher, T; Gariepy, J; Missailidis, SJournal Article
9-Aug-2012The banana (Musa acuminata) genome and the evolution of monocotyledonous plants.D'Hont, A; Denoeud, F; Aury, JM; Baurens, FC; Carreel, F; Garsmeur, O; Noel, B; Bocs, S; Droc, G; Rouard, M; Da Silva C; Jabbari, K; Cardi, C; Poulain, J; Souquet, M; Labadie, K; Jourda, C; Lengellé, J; Rodier-Goud, M; Alberti, A; Bernard, M; Correa, M; Ayyampalayam, S; Mckain, MR; Leebens-Mack, J; Burgess, D; Freeling, M; Mbéguié-A-Mbéguié, D; Chabannes, M; Wicker, T; Panaud, O; Barbosa, J; Hribova, E; Heslop-Harrison, P; Habas, R; Rivallan, R; Francois, P; Poiron, C; Kilian, A; Burthia, D; Jenny, C; Bakry, F; Brown, S; Guignon, V; Kema, G; Dita, M; Waalwijk, C; Joseph, S; Dievart, A; Jaillon, O; Leclercq, J; Argout, X; Lyons, E; Almeida, A; Jeridi, M; Dolezel, J; Roux, N; Risterucci, AM; Weissenbach, J; Ruiz, M; Glaszmann, JC; Quétier, F; Yahiaoui, N; Wincker, PJournal Article
5-Jul-2000Galactolipid deficiency and abnormal chloroplast development in the Arabidopsis MGD synthase 1 mutant.Jarvis, P; Dörmann, P; Peto, CA; Lutes, J; Benning, C; Chory, JJournal Article
May-2002The 5'-untranslated region of the ntp303 gene strongly enhances translation during pollen tube growth, but not during pollen maturation.Hulzink, RJ; de Groot PF; Croes, AF; Quaedvlieg, W; Twell, D; Wullems, GJ; Van Herpen MMJournal Article
Sep-2004Expression patterns of a novel AtCHX gene family highlight potential roles in osmotic adjustment and K+ homeostasis in pollen development.Sze, H; Padmanaban, S; Cellier, F; Honys, D; Cheng, NH; Bock, KW; Conéjéro, G; Li, X; Twell, D; Ward, JM; Hirschi, KDJournal Article
2011Characterization and genomic organization of PERI, a repetitive DNA in the Drosophila buzzatii cluster related to DINE-1 transposable elements and highly abundant in the sex chromosomes.Kuhn, GC; Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
20-Jun-1995The small cysteine-rich protein P14 of beet necrotic yellow vein virus regulates accumulation of RNA 2 in cis and coat protein in trans.Hehn, A; Bouzoubaa, S; Bate, N; Twell, D; Marbach, J; Richards, K; Guilley, H; Jonard, GJournal Article
31-May-1996Evidence that a kissing loop structure facilitates genomic RNA dimerisation in HIV-1.Haddrick, M; Lear, AL; Cann, AJ; Heaphy, SJournal Article