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Sep-2007Evidence for greater reproductive output per unit area in areas protected from fishingKaiser, MJ; Blyth-Skyrme, RE; Hart, PJB; Edwards-Jones, G; Palmer, DJournal Article
Jun-2006Conservation benefits of temperate marine protected areas: Variation among fish speciesBlyth-Skyrme, RE; Kaiser, MJ; Hiddink, JG; Edwards-Jones, G; Hart, PJBJournal Article
Dec-2006Intraspecific food competition in fishesWard, AJW; Webster, MM; Hart, PJB; Ward, AJWJournal Article
Dec-2003The effects of kin and familiarity on interactions between fishWard, AJW; Hart, PJBJournal Article
Jun-2010Behavioural thermoregulation in two freshwater fish speciesWard, AJW; Ward, AJW; Hart, PJB; Ward, AJW; Hensor, EMA; Webster, MMJournal Article
13-May-2008Quorum decision-making facilitates information transfer in fish shoalsWard, AJW; Sumpter, DJT; Couzin, ID; Hart, PJB; Krause, JJournal Article
22-Jan-2008Shoal and prey patch choice by co-occurring fishes and prawns: Inter-taxa use of socially transmitted cuesWebster, MM; Hart, PJB; Ward, AJW; Webster, MMJournal Article
Feb-2005Foraging benefits of shoaling with familiars may be exploited by outsidersWard, AJW; Hart, PJB; Ward, AJWJournal Article
Dec-2007Habitat-specific chemical cues influence association preferences and shoal cohesion in fishWebster, MM; Goldsmith, J; Hart, PJB; Ward, AJW; Webster, MMJournal Article
Apr-2005Social recognition in sticklebacks: The role of direct experience and habitat cuesWard, AJW; Holbrook, RI; Hart, PJB; Krause, JJournal Article