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1-Oct-2000Identification of different chromatin classes in wheat using in situ hybridization with simple sequence repeat oligonucleotidesCuadrado, A; Schwarzacher, T; Jouve, NJournal Article
1-Jan-1998Characterization of Triticum aestivum Psathyrostachys juncea derivatives by genomic in situ hybridizationZhou, R; Jia, J; Dong, Y; Schwarzacher, T; Reader, SM; Wu, S; Gale, MD; Miller, TEJournal Article
1994The use of fluorochromes in the cytogenetics of the small-grained cereals (Triticeae)Leitch, AR; Schwarzacher, T; Leitch, IJJournal Article
Dec-1997Characterization of progenies of Triticum aestivum-Psathyrostachys juncea derivatives by using genomic in-situ hybridization.Zhou, R; Jia, J; Dong, Y; Schwarzacher, T; Miller, TS; Reader, S; Wu, SB; Gale, MDJournal Article
1996A cereal centromeric sequenceAragón-Alcaide, L; Miller, T; Schwarzacher, T; Reader, S; Moore, GJournal Article
Jan-2009Molecular cytogenetic characterization of Rumex papillaris, a dioecious plant with an XX/XY(1)Y (2) sex chromosome system.Navajas-Pérez, R; Schwarzacher, T; Rejón, MR; Garrido-Ramos, MAJournal Article
1998The chromosomal organization of simple sequence repeats in wheat and rye genomesCuadrado, A; Cuadrado, A; Schwarzacher, TJournal Article
2009Fluorescent in situ hybridization to detect transgene integration into plant genomes.Schwarzacher, TJournal Article
1997Three stages of meiotic homologous chromosome pairing in wheat: Cognition, alignment and synapsisSchwarzacher, TJournal Article
2007Complex rearrangements are involved in Cephalanthera (Orchidaceae) chromosome evolution.Moscone, EA; Samuel, R; Schwarzacher, T; Schweizer, D; Pedrosa-Harand, AJournal Article