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19-Jun-2012Fertilization recovery after defective sperm cell release in arabidopsisKasahara, RD; Maruyama, D; Hamamura, Y; Sakakibara, T; Higashiyama, T; Kasahara, RD; Higashiyama, T; Twell, DJournal Article
2001Novel anther-specific myb genes from tobacco as putative regulators of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase expressionYang, S; Sweetman, JP; Amirsadeghi, S; Barghchi, M; Huttly, AK; Chung, W-I; Twell, DJournal Article
Jan-1991Deletion analysis of pollen-expressed promotersMcCormick, S; Yamaguchi, J; Twell, DJournal Article
Sep-2009Induction of RNA-directed DNA methylation upon decondensation of constitutive heterochromatin.Schoft, VK; Chumak, N; Mosiolek, M; Slusarz, L; Komnenovic, V; Brownfield, L; Twell, D; Kakutani, T; Tamaru, HJournal Article
1-Jan-2003Regulation of pollen tube growth by Rac-like GTPasesCheung, AY; Chen, CY-H; Tao, LZ; Andreyeva, T; Wu, HM; Cheung, AY; Chen, CY-H; Wu, HM; Cheung, AY; Twell, DJournal Article
2007The conserved cysteine-rich domain of a tesmin/TSO1-like protein binds zinc in vitro and TSO1 is required for both male and female fertility in Arabidopsis thaliana.Andersen, SU; Algreen-Petersen, RG; Hoedl, M; Jurkiewicz, A; Cvitanich, C; Braunschweig, U; Schauser, L; Oh, SA; Twell, D; Jensen, EØJournal Article
2009Male gametophyte development: a molecular perspective.Borg, M; Brownfield, L; Twell, DJournal Article
23-Oct-2008Control of plant germline proliferation by SCF(FBL17) degradation of cell cycle inhibitors.Kim, HJ; Oh, SA; Brownfield, L; Hong, SH; Ryu, H; Hwang, I; Twell, D; Nam, HGJournal Article
Sep-2008Arabidopsis kinesins HINKEL and TETRASPORE act redundantly to control cell plate expansion during cytokinesis in the male gametophyte.Oh, SA; Bourdon, V; Das 'Pal M; Dickinson, H; Twell, DJournal Article
Jan-2006A blossoming romance: gamete interactions in flowering plants.Twell, DJournal Article