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18-Jul-2013Passive Joint Forces Are Tuned to Limb Use in Insects and Drive Movements without Motor ActivityAche, Jan M.; Matheson, ThomasJournal Article
5-Feb-2013High lability of sexual system over 250 million years of evolution in morphologically conservative tadpole shrimps.Mathers, T.C.; Hammond, Robert L.; Jenner, R.A.; Zierold, T.; Hänfling, B.; Gómez, A.Journal Article
12-Feb-2014Methylation and worker reproduction in the bumble-bee (Bombus terrestris)Amarasinghe, Harindra E.; Clayton, Crisenthiya I.; Mallon, Eamonn B.Journal Article
19-Jun-2012Fertilization recovery after defective sperm cell release in arabidopsisKasahara, RD; Maruyama, D; Hamamura, Y; Sakakibara, T; Higashiyama, T; Kasahara, RD; Higashiyama, T; Twell, DJournal Article
3-Feb-2012Beyond marks: new tools to visualise student engagement via social networks.Badge, Joanne L.; Saunders, Neil F.W.; Cann, Alan JamesJournal Article
Jul-2012A comparative view of grain development in Brachypodium distachyonHands, P; Drea, SJournal Article
Jan-2011Endoplasmic Reticulum– and Golgi-Localized Phospholipase A2 Plays Critical Roles in Arabidopsis Pollen Development and GerminationKim, Hae Jin; Ok, Sung Han; Bahn, Sung Chul; Jang, Juno; Oh, Sung Aeong; Park, Soon Ki; Twell, David; Ryu, Stephen Beungtae; Shin, Jeong SheopArticle
1-Feb-2011The R2R3 MYB Transcription Factor DUO1 Activates a Male Germline-Specific Regulon Essential for Sperm Cell Differentiation in ArabidopsisBorg, Michael; Brownfield, Lynette; Khatab, Hoda; Sidorova, Anna; Lingaya, Melanie; Twell, DavidArticle
Jul-2012Traits with ecological functions.Heslop-Harrison, JSJournal Article
27-Nov-2014Differential gene expression and alternative splicing in insect immune specificity.Riddell, C. E.; Lobaton Garces, J. D.; Adams, S.; Barribeau, S. M.; Twell, David; Mallon, Eamonn B.Journal Article