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Jul-2011In vivo analyses of the roles of essential Omp85-related proteins in the chloroplast outer envelope membrane.Huang, Weihua; Ling, Qihua; Bédard, Jocelyn; Lilley, Kathryn; Jarvis, PaulJournal Article
30-Dec-2009MicroRNA and tasiRNA diversity in mature pollen of Arabidopsis thaliana.Grant-Downton, R.; Le Trionnaire, Gael; Schmid, Ralf; Rodriguez-Enriquez, J.; Hafidh, S.; Mehdi, S.; Twell, D.; Dickinson, H.Journal Article
4-May-2004GIANT CHLOROPLAST 1 is essential for correct plastid division in Arabidopsis.Maple, J; Fujiwara, MT; Kitahata, N; Lawson, T; Baker, NR; Yoshida, S; Møller, SGJournal Article
20-Apr-2004Organellar proteomics: chloroplasts in the spotlight.Jarvis, PJournal Article
Sep-2009Induction of RNA-directed DNA methylation upon decondensation of constitutive heterochromatin.Schoft, VK; Chumak, N; Mosiolek, M; Slusarz, L; Komnenovic, V; Brownfield, L; Twell, D; Kakutani, T; Tamaru, HJournal Article
2007The conserved cysteine-rich domain of a tesmin/TSO1-like protein binds zinc in vitro and TSO1 is required for both male and female fertility in Arabidopsis thaliana.Andersen, SU; Algreen-Petersen, RG; Hoedl, M; Jurkiewicz, A; Cvitanich, C; Braunschweig, U; Schauser, L; Oh, SA; Twell, D; Jensen, EØJournal Article
2008Proximal-distal patterns of transcription factor gene expression during Arabidopsis root development.Derbyshire, P; Drea, S; Shaw, PJ; Doonan, JH; Dolan, LJournal Article
2009Male gametophyte development: a molecular perspective.Borg, M; Brownfield, L; Twell, DJournal Article
2009In situ analysis of gene expression in plants.Drea, S; Derbyshire, P; Koumproglou, R; Dolan, L; Doonan, JH; Shaw, PJournal Article
2008Isolation and preparation of chloroplasts from Arabidopsis thaliana plants.Kubis, SE; Lilley, KS; Jarvis, PJournal Article